Oh the Places You’ll Go

Flying over the Rockies on the way to LAX

Sean’s graduation day…and I’m so glad we’re here to celebrate with him. He’s done with school (for awhile anyway) with an MBA from UCLA.  And we couldn’t be prouder of what he’s accomplished with his beautiful wife cheering him on.

So we’re here for graduation doing what we always do when we come to California. Sean and Carly go to work and we play tourist.  Yesterday was our day to explore  we started at the OUE Skyspace which reminded us of Sky Garden in London.  Up on the top of a 69 story building, it’s the perfect place to see all of Los Angeles and beyond. They say you can see the Pacific on a really clear day. It was clear but not quite that clear. We could see the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign (through binoculars) and the mountains in the distance.  Gorgeous.

We headed to the Japanese American National Museum next and we’re there for almost the rest of the day. It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I heard about the Japanese internment during World War II.  There was a made for TV movie…Farewell to Manzanar…and I remember being stunned and horrified.  The museum does a beautiful job of showing people exactly what can happen when Americans allow themselves to get caught up in the hysteria and fear of people who might be “the enemy”, who certainly don’t look like “us”, who could possibly be working for “the other side.”

What struck me was how easily this mass uprooting of families was done…for their “own protection.” And when it was over and they went home…to vandalized houses when their possessions had been destroyed, to no jobs and much distrust and prejudice.  Can’t you see it happening here now?

We took a break midway through the day and had lunch in a Japanese cafe near the museum.  Then we went back to see one last section…a great display of George Takei Memorabilia.  He went to one of the concentration camps when he was five, left when he was eight.

Our next stop was the Kyoto Garden at the Doubletree Hilton…a beautiful oasis with waterfalls and flowers, trees and plants.  We found a table in the shade and played a few hands of gin rummy which is our new addiction.  It’s a rare day that we don’t play cards for a bit. Jerry is better than I am but I give him a run for his money.

Anyway the garden was a perfect place to rest before we started up the hill to The Broad, an art museum next door to the Disney Performing arts Center.  Sean and Carly met us to tour the Broad and then go dinner downtown. Modern art always makes me feel inadequate and not so smart.  I so rarely “get it”.  I mean I enjoy Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol, I like pieces that have some color and form but this stuff was, for the most part, so unappealing.  I don’t need to go back to this museum again.

Dinner was  at a wonderful French restaurant downtown…Sean and I split this amazing pasta dish that started with setting fire to cognac in a Parmesan cheese wheel and then tossing it with penne and some kind of creamy cheese sauce (very non fattening)

Perfect day and perfect weather for all that walking. How lucky could we get?

I’ll send pictures of the graduate tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go

  1. Congratulations to Sean! So glad you are enjoying your time in California.

  2. Pure happiness! Congratulations

  3. Sounds wonderful! Congrats to Sean.

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-How proud you must be of Sean! You and Jerry look like an ad for AARP happy, healthy campers. You do make the most of your visits.

    Have you read The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration-non-fiction by Isabel Wilkerson? Outstanding

    Or Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Reminded me of The Help, only better.

    Enjoy your time in LA!


  5. What a wonderful excuse to travel again and bask in the pride you feel for Sean’s accomplishments. I am so happy to see how terrific you and Jerry look and hear of your adventures. You guys never lose your lust for life and learning. I admire you both so much.

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