June Already?

Tracks from turtle patrol this morning

This week I went to my cardiologist.  I have to go once a year because chemo and radiation can do a number on your heart.  It’s just a precaution but I always hold my breath (figuratively, not literally) until it’s over.  I tell people that I call that days with doctor’s or dentist’s appointments the “days of potential bad news.”  Positive thinking, huh. I can’t help it.  No matter how well you feel, you just never know what you might hear when they take a good look at you.

So I headed for Sarasota after yoga, got there really early so I took a walk around the block…and then took a deep breath and went in.

Everything is fine.  I’m fine. My numbers are fine. My EKG was fine.  I look fine.  My lungs sound fine.  Whew…the day of potential bad news is turning out just fine.  I walked out of there floating.  And if I wasn’t afraid of looking like a lunatic, I would probably have been skipping and singing.

And the day stayed fine.  Went to Tervis Tumbler with my stained and scratched glasses and got seven new ones for free.  The rain held off and I had time to exercise in the pool and read before I headed for the library for my usual Wednesday night volunteer hours.  Yes, it was a good day.

They’re ALL good days.  Jerry is doing well…eating what he wants for the most part, golfing, keeping busy with cardiac rehab sessions three times a week.  I have turtle patrol and yoga and breakfast with my sister, Eileen,  and breakfast and lunches with friends and book club.  I’m trying to get up really early and walk before yoga while it’s still cool.  It’s not a bad idea except that, even when it’s cool, you end up a sweaty mess and then during yoga there are tiny flying insects that just love you and so by the time yoga is over all you can think about is how fast you can get home and into the shower before you go nuts.  But I feel so healthy…I mean walking, yoga, exercising in the pool…not bad for an old lady.

Anne and Clark were here last week.  That’s my sister and her husband..the ones who put up with us for seven months in Houston a few years ago.  We just hung out…gabbed, played cards, ate, drank, relaxed…I loved having them here.  And I went out on Eileen and Jim’s sailboat …such beauty and peace out on the water watching dolphins. And friends were here….Marie and Joe…we went to their condo for dinner one night; they came to our another.  And they went to Trivia with us.

Speaking of Trivia, here is one of the questions.  Name five Presidents who have only four letters in their last name.

We did get it eventually but it took time.   Let me know if you get it and which ones were the last ones you thought of.

Books:  A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer.  I liked it a lot.  Yes, I know it had major weaknesses which I won’t enumerate.  But I liked it a lot.  It was set in NYC in the 1940s when we were just entering World War II.  The main character is a photographer for Life Magazine and it opens with her covering a story on penicillin.  I didn’t realize that, even though Lister did major work with penicillin in the 1920s, it wasn’t mass produced until much, much later.  That meant that people were still dying of infections from a scraped knee in the 40s.  Good book. I learned a lot.

And she also wrote And After the Fire…(thanks Maria for the recommendation)  It was another good one, this time about a Bach manuscript discovered at the end of World War II.

And I just finished The Leavers by Lisa Ko. Timely novel.  The two main characters…a Chinese mom and her son.  The mom is deported after a raid on the nail salon where she was working.  She has no way of getting in touch with anyone for years.  The ten year old son believes she took off without him.  He’s adopted by a couple in upstate New York but always wonders why his mom abandoned him and where she is now.

And News of the World by Paulette Jiles.  Loved it!  It’s about a little girl who had been taken by Indians when she was six and is being brought back  to her relatives (parents were killed) when she’s ten. She is not a happy camper.  Beautiful book.

And Beartown by Frederick Backman (A Man Called Ove)  Very different from Ove but I liked it.

Whew…Guess I’ve been reading a lot.  Well, reading and listening.  All that early morning walking means lots of listening time!

Two trips in June.  I’m heading to Massachusetts on Friday for a graduation celebration.  My niece Jenna-the youngest grandchild-will be heading for the University of New Hampshire  in the fall.  Her older sister, Jessica, just graduated from William and Mary and has a job waiting for her in DC.  How did they grow up so fast.

Then Jerry and I are going to Los Angeles. Sean is graduating from UCLA with an MBA on June 16.  Can’t wait to see him and to see Carly.  And so proud of all he’s done.

For my teacher friends who are NOT retired…hurray for all you who are DONE this coming week and hang in there for all my friends up north who still have a way to go.  Summer is here!  Enjoy every minute of it!

Funny story about the picture below.  Every year, before we took our second graders to the Rockwell Museum, we’d take a close look at some of the more famous pictures.  We look at them in terms of story structure.  What happened before this picture?  What is happening in the picture?  What will happen next?  And they’d always talk about how she was fighting on the playground and is in big trouble.

So, I’d ask, why is she smiling?

And the first answer was always “for the picture!”

A Rockwell Favorite



8 thoughts on “June Already?

  1. Love hearing your good news! Keep going dear friend!
    Another good book to listen to: One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson. He narrates it and it’s a really fascinating, indepth look at the summer of Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Calvin Coolidge etc. It’s LONG – 17 hours, but I learned a lot! Enjoy! Love to all 🙂

  2. I thought of Polk and Taft.
    Zachary came up with Ford, Bush, and Bush!
    Glad you and Jerry are doing well. Jim and I watched the movie of “A Man Called Ove” this evening and loved it. Say “hi” to the turtles for me!
    Also, in case you missed my Facebook post: https://youtu.be/Hz7SfkhJe74

  3. Good morning, sooo happy that you made out well at the doctors! It’s always a relief especially after what you went thru! Nice that you’re doing some traveling but then you’re always on the go! I so enjoy connecting with you on turtle patrol…Mary you’re a lovely person…so full of positivity and life…you are an inspiration to me!

  4. Janet walker-aronson

    Mary- Love your approach: Family, friends, exercise, good books, and nature seem to fill your days. Glad to hear Jerry is doing well and that you two are on the move seeing and doing what you love to do.
    Be well.


  5. You deserve to skip wherever you want. Love that Jerry is so back to himself and that Sean has come so far once he found his niche. and love that you used Rockwell, also. I was fortunate to have a weekly painting in my 4th grade spelling book. They never failed to provide some good thinking.

  6. Joseph Flahive

    Hi from D.C., Glad that your cardiology visit was uneventful. Agree with you on the potential bad news observation. We always feel it, too. Happy travels. Celebrate Sean! We hope to be back to FL before the end of summer. Love, Marie

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Polk, Taft, Bush, & Bush

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