Happy Mother’s Day

I just checked…the apostrophe is where it belongs.  Not sure which mom gets to celebrate but that’s the way it is.  Wouldn’t you think it would be Mothers’ Day?  I mean all of us are in this together, right?  Anyway, here’s hoping all the moms out there have a lovely day.

Jerry and I are doing fine.  Lots of quirky house problems (our ice maker won’t make ice this week and we can’t figure out how to set up our new landline phone) but let’s face it, these are first world problems if I ever saw some.  So all in all, life has been pretty good these days.  Besides, the snowbirds are all almost gone which means there are parking spaces at the grocery store, no waits in restaurants and you can get from Point A to Point B in record time with no traffic.

There is a downside, though, to the end of snowbird season.  Some of my best friends are snowbirds.  It’s hard to say goodbye and I miss them…miss them at yoga, at book club, at library volunteers, at Trivia night, at Dining for Women.  I always get sad this time of year as they all pack up and leave to go back to their other lives. Good thing there are lots of “year rounders” who are still here.  We’ll hold down the fort till the snowbirds start coming back in October or November.

Jerry and I went to Gainesville on Saturday to renew library cards.  Don’t ask…it’s a crazy story and I honestly don’t know anyone else weird enough to drive three hours to renew a library card.  But we turned it into a beautiful day.   It actually was a beautiful day…warm but not hot with a gorgeous breeze.  We went home the coastal route and stopped in a town called Tarpon Springs.  Tarpon Springs is home to a big Greek population drawn to the area by the abundance of sponge beds just off the coast. Sponge divers from Greece and their families came over in the 20s and 30s and in the 30s, sponges were one of the biggest industries in Florida.  The town is delightful…cute shops (tourist heaven) downtown with great Greek restaurants.  We had lunch at one…Mykonos…and wandered around, saw a movie about the sponge divers, checked out the shops and finally got home around dinner time.  Nice day.  There’s lots more to explore in Florida.  Maybe we’ll do a little more while the snowbirds are away.

It’s that time of year again…graduation day.  My niece, Jessica, is graduating from William and Mary this weekend.  Jessica was one of our “practice grandchildren”, who one time came to my house and when it was time to go to bed, said she wouldn’t be able to sleep because she had left “cat blankie” at home.  I’m not sure she EVER did sleep that night.  She really did love that blankie…still does, I think…even as she moves on to a great job in Washington, DC.

I love Facebook…I’ve been seeing photos of former second and fifth graders who are graduating from college.  When I sent a congratulations to one of them, she wrote back, “My goal is to be “that teacher” for at least one student, and you are most definitely mine.”  Oh Gwen, you can’t imagine how good that made me feel.

And when I went into Venice High where I’m mentoring a sophomore, I bumped into a former fifth grader from Cranberry who is graduating from Venice High later in the month.

I need your email, he said, ’cause I’m going to college and then when I graduate, I’m going to get that “rolling chair.” Absolutely, I said, I’ll plan on it…in four years, TJ.  (Back story…the kids in my fifth grade LOVED my rolling chairs.  I had two and they’d fight to sit in them.  So nobody got to sit in them except me.  But I told them that if they graduated from college and let me know, I’d deliver their own personal rolling chair to their door. I think a lot may have forgotten or  lost my email address or just are too shy…Not TJ. He’ll collect!)

Jerry is going golfing tomorrow for the first time since before his surgery.  It’s going to be hot but he’s looking forward to it.  And I’ve got turtle patrol.  We had our first nest of the season this week.  First of 500?  I doubt it.  Last year we had 500 nests but the beach has changed.  We lost a lot of beach over the winter.  Hopefully the girls will find enough beach to make their nests.

I’ve read some good books in the past few months.  Days without End by Sebastian Barry was heartbreakingly gorgeous.  The language, the story, the voice…incredible book.  Once We Were Brothers and Karolina’s Twins were good….not literary masterpieces but great stories well researched on the Holocaust in Poland.  And I don’t know if I ever mentioned Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher but it’s terrific.  I listened to it and loved it.  And now I’m listening to Peter Heller’s Celine, about a 78 year old detective and reading McCullogh’s The Wright Brothers.

Be well, my friends.  And teacher friends…it’s almost over, especially those of you here in Florida.  Up north….well, that’s another story!

Two of my favorite snowbirds working out a knitting problem




4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Mary. xoxo, el

  2. Michael and Carol Malott

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mary!
    Looking forward to seeing you here for DFW.

  3. Have a great day,Mary! Hope you can relax a bit! Love Elizabeth Strout’s book, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !

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