First World Problems and Turtle Patrol

Photo by Kathy Brunt

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back to normal (whatever that is).  Turtle patrol has begun.  We had our first false crawl today which means the girls are out there and will be coming in soon.  Evidently one came in last night, didn’t go far before she changed her mind and headed out again.   Not sure why she was so particular.  She came out of the water at one of the best nesting places on the zone.  Go figure.  Parts of the zone are gone…beach has washed away and at high tide on a rough day, it looks like the photo above.  Should make life interesting this year. Still, no matter what it’s like on the beach, there is something so very special about being on the beach at dawn with good friends.  I just love it.

No rest for the wicked, though.  One of our solar panels was leaking.  We turned off the solar to the pool and called but then we headed north. Came home and it was STILL leaking.  Turns out it wasn’t for the pool, it was for the hot water heater.  Called again…they said they had come but couldn’t get in to the garage…Honestly, I wish they had called us.  We could have had someone let them in.  At any rate, it’s fixed.

The good news of the week is that Jerry’s feeding tube is out.  He’s eating almost everything and doing just fine.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would happen.  I thought maybe the poor guy would have it for the rest of his life.  But he’s back to normal (or as normal as he can be..ha ha) almost…anyway.  He went to the driving range today so he really is getting back to normal.  There are still some things that are problematic but considering how far we’ve come in a couple months, we’re pretty happy.

And the bad news of the week is that I have some kind of weird “bug bites”.  Thought they were bed bugs and tore the bed apart, washed everything, sprayed the mattress and spring, never saw a bug.  So I went to the doctor to have her take a look at my five red “things”…Maybe impetigo, maybe MRSA (spent enough time in nursing homes and hospitals lately) No results from culture yet but I’m on antibiotics and, because it’s contagious until you’ve been on meds for at least 24 hours, I’ve stuck pretty close to home.  Went for a walk on the beach rather than yoga, missed breakfast with friends, missed volunteer work at the library last night, missing a Dining for Women meeting tonight.  But I did get the house clean and cleaned out a lot of our files. (have to make lemonade out of lemons, right?)

And I turned 70 last week.  My birthday (week) was delightful…breakfast with friends, lunch with Eileen who told the waitress whose name was also Mary Catherine (check out the birthday dessert), dinner and a play with friends and then

At Gulf View Grill

dinner and another play with Jerry who did just fine on his baked potato and filet mignon.  Cards (mixed in with sympathy cards) and emails and Facebook messages…Honestly, it was lovely.  I was supposed to be on Padre Island with my siblings for a seventieth celebration but we cancelled…The week was supposed to begin last Friday and we were busy with a wake and funeral last Friday and Saturday and by Sunday I think all any of us wanted to do was go home and sleep.

So life is good, no matter what.  The beach is spectacular early in the morning…warm with a cool breeze.  It’s hot in the afternoon but I’m in the pool exercising and reading (at the same time).  When I call Annette to check on her, she’s usually not there which is good because it means she’s out and about AND I get to hear my dad’s voice on the answering machine.

Love to all…And my friends up north…hang in there. It’s will get warm one of these days.


Sunshine State Skyway Bridge



Turtle Patrol…getting hard to make it all the way down the beach

Dad and Annette with my niece, Jill

Dad and Annette on Easter Sunday


8 thoughts on “First World Problems and Turtle Patrol

  1. Happy, happy belated 70th birthday my dear friend! I’m sooo happy that life has slowed down a bit for you….
    Yes you have to be so relieved that April is over! So glad that Jerry got rid of the feeding tube…and so great the steak went down!😀 I too love my morning turtle walks on the beach and especially enjoy being with wonderful friends! Hope all turns out fine with your bumps…poor thing!😩
    Love you girl….have an awesome weekend!😎🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🌴

  2. As always your notes are treasured.
    We’re back in the states for a bit although our calendar is getting filled with really good stuff. One of ur neighbors stopped me while I was planting some annuals to ask if we are planning to vacation in Longmeadow for a bit. We’ve been gone for five months!

    Our daughter is speaking at a gala fund-raising event ($1500 per plate) in NYC on May 17th. She is being flown in from Israel. We are very excited for her and she is very nervous to speak in front of hundreds of people. She’ll do fine, I’m sure. She told the coordinators of the event that she’d like her sister and parents to be able to attend and they graciously provided us with tickets. We’ll drive in and spend a few days there. I doubt we’ll get to see too much for of her, but it’s definitely very exciting.

    Weather here is still uncertain, but after coming home from the beauty of spring in Israel and Cyprus, I was determined to start my cleaning, planting, etc. the gardens are cleaned, almost all edged and I’ve done some planting. I have a favorite garden where the staff is most helpful and together we plan my gardens. I’ve made my first run out there and have almost planted everything I purchased. Next week another run.

    I’ll be gong into see our grandkids this weekend. Too long not seeing them. Jake is playing competitive soccer on two teams. We’ll get to see him play, and Matthew is also playing…so we’ll see both of them. Addi only has softball practice but I’m sure she’ll have projects for me to assist her with. She’s an amazing artist and exceptionally creative. It’ll be fun. I hope the parents go out Saturday night. They don’t often have that opportunity and we’ll be there anyway.

    The news about Jerry is wonderful. What a relief this must be for both of you. Heading to the turtles and golf course is great therapy.

    As always, thinking of you. Now, if you could get rid and of Trump, we’ll be really happy. When we returned home after five weeks abroad, we were very disappointed to find that he is still the president!

  3. Happy birthday Dear friend. We are all blessed by you in this world. Much love Linds


  4. Deirdre Christman

    If anyone can make lemonade out of lemons it’s you, dear friend. So glad things are getting back to normal (except for the rash). We sure did miss you tonight, but everyone is happy you’ll be there next time. Terrific news about Jerry!

  5. So good to hear that things are settling down with just the normal bumps and hiccups of life. You made it to 70 with many more sunrises/sunsets to enjoy. Life IS good!

  6. Judy eckroth

    No see ums … Belated happy birthday! Judy

  7. Mary, you continue to be amazing and I pray for you and Jerry every day. Keep up the positive message and plan on enjoy your 70,s. Your friend and fellow cancer survivor Jim V.

  8. Michael and Carol Malott

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mary!
    So glad to hear about Jerry’s good news and I’m so happy you will be at the June DFW meeting at my house!
    I was just thinking, maybe those “bites” could have been sand flees…Hope they’re healing quickly, whatever they are!

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