If It Isn’t One Thing…

In the courtyard

Jerry is definitely on the mend and I think they’re ready to kick him out of rehab…He’s got his little quirky issues but, aside from not being able to eat real food (and yes, we know that’s BIG), he’s doing just fine.  Well, he’s got some pneumonia …that’s not so great…but with some heavy duty antibiotics and a lot of time walking and a handy little spirometer, he’ll have that licked.  When he comes home, we’re expecting he’ll be going to speech for swallowing work several times a week and to the Y for exercise.

My guess is that he’ll be home by Friday.  He came home Saturday and Sunday afternoon (no therapy on the weekends).  It was nice…relax by the pool, get taxes done, pick out his own clothes to bring back (I didn’t do a bad job but he wanted particular shorts and tee shirts), play cards (He won the last set but I’m winning this one) and walk a little bit around the neighborhood.  Jerry also fixed the lights on the lanai and checked the oil in the Camry (there’s something weird with the oil and the Camry) We could do his feedings at home but he did need to go back for meds and breathing treatments.

In the meantime, I took a nasty fall this morning.  Was out walking before I met a friend for breakfast and tripped on an uneven sidewalk and went flying.  The good news…nothing is broken.  I remember when a good friend fell on a cobblestone street in a tiny town in Germany during a Viking River Cruise.  She broke one wrist and sprained the other.  That would not have been a good thing for us at the moment.  All I had was a  split lip, chipped tooth (I look stunning), scraped hands and a knee that was really hurting for awhile.  I was a bloody mess but essentially I was fine.  Incredibly lucky…I know.

Saw the dentist…new crown on Thursday.  Stopped by to drop off some things for Jerry at rehab and then went home to ice my lip and knee and sulk and feel sorry for myself for awhile.  I thought I’d take a nap but didn’t fall asleep so I went over to Pinebrook to beat Jerry at five rounds of Gin Rummy.

So,honestly, we’re doing okay.  And next week is Spring Break.  Ryan, Anne and Grace are coming on the weekend and Erin and her gang will be here Monday night.  Beach, pool, kayaking…It certainly won’t be quiet around here.  But, oh my, what joy those little people bring!




13 thoughts on “If It Isn’t One Thing…

  1. Nothing like those grandchildren! They will have you all feeling happy and light. Take of yourself and best to Jerry for getting well soon, soon, soon.

  2. Deirdre Christman

    OMG! I’m so sorry about your fall, Mary! I have only one word for you, and you already know it: ICE. Alleve too. Well, in true Mary fashion you’re able to look on the bright side. Grandkids definitely constitute the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I’m glad Jerry had a relaxing weekend and will soon be released. They must feel his issues can be controlled. That’s got to be a relief for you too.

    Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Other than that mrs.lincoln, how did you enjoy the play? Mary, where were you when Elin gave instructions on how to fall? Never said tooth first! 😱

  4. Barbara Garton

    So fun to read your adventures, Mary. Sorry for the fall! Oh my.

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  5. Oh my goodness Mary! I’m so glad you didn’t break a bone but am sad that you fell…things do seem to come in bunches but I think it’s about time that you two turned the corner! Hope Jerry gets rid of the pneumonia soon and that he does come home on Friday especially because the clan will be there! I bet you can’t wait to see those kids! Will be the best medicine for you both! You are always in my thoughts and prayers…
    Please stay on your feet!😀 Hugs, Pam

  6. Oh Mary. When I fell and chipped a tooth last year, I took an ambulance to the hospital! All the blood and thud scared me so much. You just keep on going. Ice and a crown. Nice.


  7. So sorry about your fall. You always find the light in any tough situation and write with humor and hope. Billie & I are driving home from an extended weekend babysitting our grandbabies. I know you feel the same joy with your Littles. Their sunshine smiles will brighten your days and bring more healing light.

  8. Sounds like relief is on the way! Recharge those batteries. Say hello to Jerry for us.

  9. Mary. Did you ‘roll’? Sounds like you just flopped. Man! Gotta watch every step. Jerry needs you WHOLE! Lucky though. Take care of you. See you in class.

    • Ha ha. My first thought was, “shit, why didn’t I roll?” I did roll a couple years ago when I fell but that was a sideways fall and this time I pitched forward. Have to think of a way to practice rolling forward.

  10. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary and Jerry-Take care of thyselves, please!!

  11. Hmmm… I’d imagine it’s hard to somersault in “flight or fight” mode! I’m glad to hear you and Jerry are hanging in there. (You’ll be able to take a break from your card playing once reinforcements arrive to take over, next week. Or perhaps you’ll stage a tournament; my money’s on you, Mary!) Hugs to you and Jerry.

  12. Happy that news is good you are always so positive its uplifting hope you used yoga to prevent injures sorry I have been a useless friend never here when you need me I am praying . See you in between next trips love you no answer needed . Paula

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