Louise Penny

811sqbhadjlJerry has settled in at Pinebrook Center for rehab.  The therapists are great and he’s working hard, determined to get well and get home as soon as possible.  It’s the swallowing that’s really holding him back.  Once he can eat, or at least get most of his nourishment by food rather than a feeding tube, he’ll be home.  No clue when that will be but the staff is pretty  optimistic that he’ll be out in a couple weeks.  Hope they’re right.

In the meantime, it is so nice to have him in Venice.  I’m getting back pieces of my life…heading to the beach early to walk and do yoga, stopping for breakfast with friends before I head over to Pinebrook, leaving in the middle of the day to begin to take care of things that a piling up around the house ( I think I could write “Dust me” on every piece of furniture in this place) or run errands in town.  I usually go back late afternoon and stay until after the dinner hour (obviously he’s not having dinner but everyone else is) I still come home and am in bed by 7:30, sometimes reading, sometimes watching TV or You Tube, sometimes sleeping but doing fine.   It’s working, anyway.  And Jerry continues to stay cheerful and positive…

So why did I call this post “Louise Penny”?  I guess it’s because Louise is helping both of us through these days.  In January when we drove to Texas, I downloaded the first three books of her series on Armand Gamache and that magical village of Three Pines.  We listened to them coming and going. It was wonderful.  I had read a few of her later ones but never gone back to the beginning.   I liked the later ones but now, knowing the characters as well as I do, I LOVE the books.  They’re like comfort food–mac and cheese and chicken soup for the soul.

Now Jerry is listening to them on his iPod when he’s tired and doesn’t want to read…he can just sit or lie back and relax and escape into another world filled with some very special people that I think we’ve both come to love as if they are real.  And I listened to the books on the way back and forth to the hospital and sometimes when I took my walks in the afternoon when I was dying for fresh air and sunshine.

In the last couple of days, I’ve discovered interviews with Louise Penny on You Tube.  She’s beautiful, inside and out, and  honest about her own life and her process for writing her books.  She’s wise and witty and humble and incredibly funny.  I’ve been watching the interviews before I go to sleep at night.  They just make me appreciate this woman’s talent even more.

Sufficient to say, if you haven’t tried a Louise Penny and you’re looking for something to read, start with Still Life, her very first one.  The books are treasures and I need to write to thank her for being with us these past few months, but especially this February.

Love to you all..

For all you Catholics out there, people came from Epiphany Cathedral and offered us ashes (It’s Ash Wednesday, folks)  We said sure.  Doesn’t he look holy?




7 thoughts on “Louise Penny

  1. Ashes aren’t going to work for Jerry’s holiness quota! But they certainly gave him enough…didn’t want to take them back, I guess.

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  2. Keep the good news coming! 💓💓

  3. Great news, Mary, and now I’m also going to be looking at Louise Penny novels. I’m currently reading THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, riveting but so disturbing, a novel that reminds us of our dreadful past and also explains part of our present. I need a bit of a break for fantasy.

  4. It’s amazing how wonderful “normal routine” can be! Thinking of you every single day.

  5. So happy Jerry has made his move, and I know you are so now you can get kinda back to semi-normal!
    You need outlets and yoga is excellent! So glad Jerry’s right here…has to be much easier for you!
    He does look holy or he’s got a spider on his forehead!😜 Let me know about subs my friend!

  6. Deirdre Christman

    So thankful Jerry is in Venice making progress and you’re able to take care of yourself too. Looking forward to seeing you!

  7. Hope all is well with you and Jerry I will be home Tues and We’d only than gone for 6 more days still praying

    Sent from my iPhone


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