Sixteen Days and Counting


First the good news

1. Jerry continues to get stronger.

2.  He’s very sharp…knows more about his tubes and what meds go where and how to fix quirky things than I do. I was so passive after my surgery. He’s way more interested in what’s going on and why. The nurses don’t have a lot of experience with feeding tubes so he supervises.

3 Four new babies yesterday. One set of twins.

4. Sean is safely back in LA. Erin’s  kids did terrific at their swim meet this weekend.

5.  My back is doing fine.

6. Jerry did better swallowing yesterday. Great therapist who had some good tips for him and really gave us a lot of hope that this swallowing issue is temporary and he’ll most likely get back to real food eventually.  And she’s coming back every day till he’s discharged. They still won’t let him have anything by mouth except during therapy sessions.  Are determined he won’t go back to ICU on their watch

7  I saw my sister’s grandkids last night.  Great to get a kid fix.  They are just beautiful and I loved spending time with them (and my nephew, Jason, and his wife, Ang)

8. We probably  know every nurse on the floor and they promise to take good care of me now that the kids are gone and I’m on my own.

9  We have a big beautiful room with lots of sun and light and a huge couch for me…best hospital room I’ve ever seen.

10.  The play at FST…Brownsville Song…was absolutely wonderful.  Thanks, Deirdre and Russ, for getting me there and back to the hospital.

And the bad news?

1  No discharge date in sight.  Biggest problem is an air leak in the lungs…don’t seem to know exactly what caused it or why it hasn’t healed itself the way it’s supposed to.  Lungs still don’t look good

2  Still going into a-fib off and on…more meds!

3  Walked in today and someone followed me in with a nice pitcher of ice water.  I’m usually pretty easy going but mistakes like this could cost someone his life  I blasted the guy.  There’s a red light outside Jerry’s room indicating nothing by mouth, the whiteboard in his room says tube feeding only,  and this guy doesn’t check.  I told him it wasn’t  serious in Jerry’s case because he’s sharp enough to know he can’t have water but someone else who was disoriented and confused could have a nice glass of water and aspirate and land in the ICU with pneumonia.  He kinda shrugged and said sorry…I gave him the finger when he walked out.  (No, he didn’t see me)  Told Jerry’s nurse about it.  She wrote NPO in huge letters on the whiteboard.

4  We’ve been playing a lot of gin rummy. Jerry continues to kill me.  Wouldn’t you think I’d be able to beat a sick guy?

5  Donald Trump is still President.

My days have taken on a certain rhythm.  I’m out of the house by 6:30, at the hospital shortly after 7.  I  get here in time for rounds, see the doctor and the night nurse and hear results of any tests they did during the night. I try to do a little yoga in the morning, walk outside every afternoon. We read, play cards, , watch TV (mostly Netflix on the iPad) I leave around 5:00, go home,  have something to eat and go to bed.  Exciting life, huh?  When Jerry gets to rehab I’m hoping to go to yoga every morning before I go see him but for now, I need to be here early.  Thinking maybe one of these days I’ll skip out early and go to sunset yoga  it would do me good.

Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts.  We are so grateful to know we aren’t doing this all alone.




15 thoughts on “Sixteen Days and Counting

  1. Sending love and hugs….xox

  2. Thanks for the updates Mary….prayers for both of you continue.

  3. Mare-Hang in there. Which hospital? Glad it’s so good!


  4. There are no words to describe the water incident. My goodness,what fools. Much as I hate to say it and as difficult as it must be, it’s a good thing you arrive early.

    Our thoughts and prayers are worn you. At least Jerry had your good care filled with love

  5. Mary you are so strong. You are a good example for all. And how about Jerry!! He’s no slouch either.
    It sounds like ( as much as is possible) you both have things under control. I am sure that is a comfort to
    Sean and Erin . I wish I could give you a big hug but you know the drill. Open your window and I’ll blow you some kisses! Love ya Mary

  6. Love this and love you!

    Best, Linda


  7. Mary, you and Jerry are in our thoughts and prayers. At least there is some progress.
    Take care of yourself. Caregivers tend to forget that!
    Lots of love, Lucy and dwight

  8. Jacqueline Neiman

    I love that you can make me laugh even from the ICU! Keeping giving those fuck-ups the finger and add a second one for the orange abomination in the White House. J


  9. Deirdre Christman

    You and Jerry are the perfect tag team. He was completely supportive when you had cancer, and now you’re his champion as he struggles to recover from both the stroke and surgery. Wow, what strength! Glad both of you are hanging in there. Sending love.

  10. I’ll admit, your post filled me with relief, as well as deep concern. I guess I didn’t know about all the pieces that are affected from the stroke and heart surgery including swallowing, a-fib and lungs. I love hearing how sharp Jerry is with his care (and gin rummy) and his steady improvements. We are sending extra doses of healing energy focused directly to his lungs. In the grand scheme, 16 days is such a short time for all the healing and comeback you both will achieve. One last thought, if you think sunset yoga would do you good, then that is exactly what you should do. Wish I was there to join you. Hopefully soon.


    Hi Mary, Sending loveand all good thoughts. Marie

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  12. Glad to see you can appreciate all your good news hope all things will be good soon . I am leaving for ski trip tomorrow but when I return I will hunt you down for a huge hug . It is a difficult time you are a strong couple and together you will get thur it . Much love Paula

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  13. So glad to hear the good news but not the bad! I can’t believe the water boy! Hey would you like me to come by some day next week and maybe bring a sub sandwich or whatever and eat outside somewhere? I know the days are long, playing cards and being with Jerry is your purpose but maybe taking a little time for you would break up the day? Just a thought! I think about you both and you are always in my prayers.
    Just let me know….hugs!❤️ Pam

  14. Christi masciadrelli

    Praying for jerry and for you. You guys are so fortunate to have each other in sickness and health, good times and bad. And keep practicing on the gin rummy…you’ll beat him sooner or later!! ❤

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