Moving Forward at Glacial Speed


The good news…Jerry is moving forward, walking better, breathing better, etc.etc.

Other good news..four babies born yesterday  while I was here.  I stop whatever I’m doing when the music starts and breathe slowly and pray for that little one and the parents….May they have joy, may they have peace, may they have courage and locong kindness.  And smile.

Other good news, my back is doing well.  I iced it almost all day yesterday and I think ice and yoga and walking and a little Advil are curing me.

Other good news….we’re loving having Sean here.  Damn, we have great kids

The bad news…he still needs a chest tube and assorted stuff that may come out today and, probably harder to take, he failed another swallow test and they decided to put in a more permanent feeding tube. So last night he had surgery (short one) to put in the peg (like I had). It’s more comfortable than the nasal tube, less prone to infection and actually will make it easier for him to work on swallowing and move toward being able to eat again. The swallowing issues are most likely from the stroke  he had minor swallowing problems after the stroke  they’ve turned into major ones since the bypass surgery

Other bad news….Donald Trump is still President.

So today, Jerry’s working hard to get out of here…breathing and swallowing exercises, walking whenever he can snag a nurse to get him out and about with s oxygen tank and IV-pole.  No doc in yet for rounds but I imagine he’s starting late.  The doc that’s on over the weekend is the same one who did his surgery last night… and since he started at 6:30 yesterday morning and finished with Jerry around 8 last night, he probably is getting a slow start this morning. Hope so anyway.

Sean and I may go out today.  I had totally forgotten that Jerry and I had theater tickets for this afternoon.  The theater is here in Sarasota and so if Jerry is doing fine and we have the energy, we’ll leave him on his own for a couple hours and then come back for a few hours before heading back to Venice to bed.  I go out and walk every day…just to soak on a little sun and breathe fresh air  does me a world of good.

Thanks for the prayers and healing thoughts.  Slowly but surely, he’s going to make it




8 thoughts on “Moving Forward at Glacial Speed

  1. Certainly children are the best medicine; glad that Sean is in FL.
    We’re praying for continued recovery and thinking of you.
    Love the bells

  2. I’m glad for your blog. I miss you. Prayers for you & Jerry. You’re doing great with self care. Love you. Lu

  3. Slowly, but surely……you bet he’s going to make it!

  4. So grateful for your updates and relieved to hear, no matter how epically slow, you are inching forward. Sounds to me that the journey will require hard work and patience, either of which you guys never shyied away from. You are finding the light along the way, blessing babies born on a lulluby, soaking the warmth of the sun, taking a moment for yourself and Sean knowing, “he’s going to make it.”

  5. Mary, so glad to hear mostly good news. Say hello to Sean. Most of all enjoy the theater.
    We are thinking of you all. Love, Bernie and Mary

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Thanks for the update. Thumbs up for better swallowing and getting out of there. Glad your back is better. Glad Sean is there!


  7. Mary , I just wish the road was smoother. We are all praying for you and grateful for your warm family support!

  8. I sure hope you and Sean were able to take in the show today! A little respite is great for the spirit!
    So sorry to hear about Jerry’s swallowing problems and his yet another surgery! Hope he is feeling better today!
    I remember you both in my prayers and my thoughts are always with you! Hugs, Pam

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