First the Good News…

imageThe good news is we had a pretty boring day yesterday.  I like boring. Actually I love boring. And I’ll welcome all the boring days I can get. The most excitement was Erin’s arrival shortly after midnight.

The bad news was that soon after I wrote extolling Jerry’s incredible recovery and our gorgeous room, we were on our way back to ICU. Biggest reason was Jerry aspirated on a chocolate shake that his loving wife ran out to get him when they said thick liquids only and he was dying of thirst. All of a sudden his chest was rumbling and he was gasping for breath.

It was pretty scary. To make a long and not so funny story short, we found ourselves back up in the ICU where they regulated his heart rate with new Meds and a lung doc did a bronchoscopy to clean up his lungs the best they could.  Obviously they’re watching carefully for sign of pneumonia.

Fast forward to today  jerry had a good day yesterday.  Hopefully he will leave ICU later on today or tomorrow morning. They’re doing a different swallow study since the short one still indicates he’s fine with thick liquids and soft foods and he’s not.

Erin’s here.   What was that saying Hannah Seay posted just before I started this blog over three years ago?  Something like ” Be strong enough to stand on your own, wise enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it ” I emailed Erin and Sean early yesterday morning telling them I needed it (they had been asking to come since before the surgery) and Erin jumped.Poor Sean…by the time he woke up on the west coast Erin had already booked a flight and rented a car

I just talked to Jerry who had a good night   I came home last night because he was didn’t fine and my back was killing me. Erin and I will head up there soon in two cars so I can come home if I need to take a nap

Thanjs  all of you..for your prayers , your texts, your offers of help. All is well  (or at least not awful) and the biggest thanks to Brent Ross who is juggling job and three kids in two schools with three different swim team schedules and all need valentines for the class by Tuesday,  Makes me tired just thinking about it.





22 thoughts on “First the Good News…

  1. Hang in there, Mary. Rest when you can. This too will pass.

  2. Wow. Hang in there. Hi to Jerry. Feel better soon. xoxo

  3. Oh Mary I’m so sorry to hear that Jerry had a set back. Hopefully he is better today and they’ve figured out the swallowing thing. Guess we’re just reminded that when we think all is fine, God sends a reminder that we do need to trust Him….He’s always there for us and He will get you both thru this! I am so happy that You reached out for Erin’s support and help. You need to take care of you too! Please know that I am here if you need anything. Love you my friend, Pam

  4. So sorry about Jerry’s setback but hoping it is just that! Glad Erin is with you…what great kids we have! Please don’t forget to take care of yourself and let me know if there is anything at all you need.

  5. Hang in there. You have to believe all will be well. It will be. Thinking of both of you.

  6. So glad Erin could join you. Prayers to all! I hope you have many boring days ahead. Love, Gayle

  7. My hubby who works in hospital food service said shakes are not thick because it thins out when they melt. Keeping you in our prayers.

  8. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Oh my. So glad Erin is there, “the calvary has arrived!” Brent and the kids will be fine. They know how to do this. It’s always worthwhile for Dad to experience what Mom juggles, and seemingly, so effortlessy. (so, I can’t spell these things, but you know what I mean)>

    Hoping this is an even better day. Exhale. Take a nap.

    With love, Wendie

  9. Hang in there Mary. Miss & love you.

    Jo crebbin

  10. Bless you and Erin. God is sitting on Jerry’s shoulder and watching over him and you. Hang in there- give your worries to God and take care of yourself. So glad Erin is with you. What a wonderful hubby and dad Brent is! Will continue to pray for all! Hope those boring days return soon!💗💗💗

  11. I know what you mean about loving boring; sounds like you two had way too much excitement! I hope Jerry had a good night’s sleep (and you, as well!) and that you both enjoy a lovely, boring Sunday with Erin by your sides. 🙂
    Jerry’s thick, chocolate shake has me reminiscing about Friendly’s chocolate Junior Fribbles (for $1.04).
    During my “chemo days” (way back in 2004), a chocolate Jr. Fribble was just about the only thing that tasted right and gave me a boost (both physically and emotionally) when I needed one.

    Hugs to all of you, and a big pat on the back to Brent!
    Love from your friend, Nina

  12. You and Jerry continue to be remarkable and in our thoughts and prayers. Indeed, boring days take on a whole new meaning and we hope they return soon.

  13. Sending love and prayers Paula

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  14. Hang in there Mary you’ve got this!

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  15. My dear Mary and Jerry,
    You are two of the strongest people I know. God made you that way for a reason. I don’t know why He throws these challenges at us, but I have no doubt that he knows what He is doing. My prayers and hugs are coming to you both. Hopefully, you feel them.

  16. Me thinks you overdid, probably because you’ve gone thru so much and Jerry’s recovery seemed so promising. I’m so thankful that Erin is there and especially that you put out the sos. Sometimes we have to show weakness in order to have those that care, be able to show it. Let Erin show her strength …..she needs this oportunity as much as you do.

  17. Sending my love Mary, so glad Erin is with you. xxoo

  18. Prayers for all of you, Mary. So good that you called the kids and that they’ve jumped and you have a wonderful competent son-in-law.

  19. Mary, Love to Erin. I am so grateful she is with you. We all know your amazing strength but as you once said it is often easier being the patient than the caregiver. It helps to have family to lean on. God bless you all. You are in our thoughts.

  20. We send you a continuous flow of healing energy to Jerry and you. This must be the most fragile time so soon after surgery, but I know Jerry will get stronger and stronger and this will be another mountain you both successfully climb. We will be in Venice soon and would like to dedicate some time to help you out. Until then, stay strong and please continue to ask for help if you need it.

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