Day After


Jerry is doing really well. He moved out of the ICU into a beautiful single room at Sarasota Memorial. They’re taking good care of him. He’ll probably be here for five days and then head home or to rehab.

Hard to see him in the photo which was sort of deliberate for now.  He’s checking his mail. But check out the view.  Not sure you can see it but the Ringling Bridge is out there. His room is lovely…spacious and bright with a couch and two chairs.  As far as hospital rooms go, this is the nicest I’ve seen.


17 thoughts on “Day After

  1. Wonderful news!

  2. Yes, prayers answered!

  3. So glad everything is going so well. You both deserve a room with a view. Give Jerry our good wishes.
    Love, Mary

  4. Thanks for the great news. Hope you are feeling better too!

  5. Thanks so much for the update on Jerry. Please let me know if you need anything…I am off all weekend. Hope you are feeling better too!

  6. Glad to learn his venue is stunning. We want hours recovery to be likewise. 😎

  7. I meant “his not hours! I hate auto spell

  8. Yeah, Jerry!

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  9. Michael and Carol Malott


  10. Prayers

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  11. Jacqueline Neiman

    Yay Jerry!!! So glad he looks so good!


  12. Deirdre Christman

    Jerry deserves this little “treat” and so do you! Thrilled and relieved he’s progressing so well.

  13. Wendie Highsmith


  14. So glad he is doing. Ok. We are sending him positive energy and thoughts. Hope to see you soon

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  15. So happy to hear that Jerry is out of ICU and in a lovely room! I’m sure you are so relieved and can breathe a little lighter! Thoughts and prayers are still sent both of your ways! Be good to you Mary!
    Hugs, Pam

  16. Beautiful……room with a view. Nice place to get back to Jerry again. I do so remember the breathing contraption along with the compression socks. So glad he’s doing so well.

  17. So relieved that he’s doing so well!! One step at time and just amazing what you’ve each been through. Never seen such a spacious feeling in a hospital room! Blessings every day.

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