Happy New Year

Sunset at Sharkey's Pier

Sunset at Sharkey’s Pier

This is NOT my photo.  My good friend, a fabulous photographer, Maureen Thomas, took this last night.  It seems half the world was down on the beach for sunset last night.  At least that’s the way it looked from the Facebook posts.  Jerry and I, on the other hand, headed to Nokomis for some man-made light displays, not quite as breath-taking as this but still pretty magical.

There’s a family in Nokomis that lights up their entire property (which is huge) every year and then opens it to the public for about a month.  They’ve put in paving block paths to make it easier for strollers and wheelchairs and for about thirty days the traffic down this one road is steady every evening.  After supper,  Jerry and I picked up our good friend, Elaine, and headed out there.  Photographs can’t really capture it but I try.  It reminds me of Bright Nights at Forest Park (my Massachusetts friends will get the picture!)  Here are couple shots from last night.


Just wonderful.  And a great way to end the holiday season (unless of course you were on the beach last night which was even more spectacular.)

Jerry and I have never been into late night celebrations on New Year’s Eve and this year will be no exception.  We’re heading to Sarasota to a play at 3:00.  Other friends are going to La La Land (we already saw it and loved it) and then we’ll all meet for pizza and I assume we’ll be home and in bed before 10:00 PM.  My kind of New Year’s Eve.

Well, 2016 had its moments, didn’t it?  Jerry’s stroke was scary and losing Kate was incredibly sad but still, there are so many of us who are healthy and happy and so fortunate to have family and friends who love us and whom we love…what more could we ask for?  When I went for my last checkup, my doctor told me that Medicare had this new thing called “Chronic Care Management” that I qualified for.  What it means is that a nurse would call me once a month (more if I wanted) to see how I was doing, help me with any health issues or help me navigate the system etc.  Did I want it?

Sure, says I (don’t know if I need it but it’s free and some day I will need it, right?)  So the nurse calls yesterday to check on me.

Time to set goals for the new year, she says.  What are your goals?

Easy, I say, to stay alive.

Okay, she says and I know she’s writing it down.

And, I said, to stay fit.

Fine she says, writing some more.

And, I said, to keep all the marbles I still have left.

Please? she asks.

I want to keep my wits about me, I explain.

Ohh, she say…Got it.

I decided that my goals might not be lofty but they are what they are…Goals for 2017.

We’re heading to Texas next Thursday.  The kids have a swim meet on the weekend and, although we’ve seen lots of practices we’ve never actually seen them in a serious meet.  We know, we know…sit for ten hours, watch kids swim for twenty seconds…or a bit more, right?  Doesn’t matter…we can’t wait to see them.

I saw my mom when I was in Massachusetts. She’s in a nursing home and sleeps a lot but is peaceful and content.  My sister, Paula, was with her on Christmas Day and other sibs were there the next day.  Here’s a picture of Kim and Mom on December 26.


Kim with Mom

Kim with Mom

Declan, Brent, Erin and Calli

Declan, Brent, Erin and Calli

And here’s one Lana took of the gang on a very cold day in Flower Mound.  They heated up the hot tub and managed to stay warm, I guess.















Let’s see…Books.  I just finished The Master by Colm Toibin.  It was our book club book and it’s  a masterpiece.  It’s not a quick read but it’s so rich and so beautifully done that if you have the time and patience, I highly recommend it.  I’m reading Book Three of  March by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. I never read a graphic book before…now I’m on the third…love them all.  Great way to revisit the Civil Rights Movement.  So much happened in our time.  And I’m listening to The German Girl and like that one too.  My niece, Sara, gave me Michael Lewis’s The Undoing Project for Christmas.  Can’t wait to get started on that one.  And my sister, Kim, gave me two that look great– The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens and Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger…So many books, so little time.

Be well, all of you.  And may 2017 be your best year yet. (Below, a selfie…we both had green on one day and decided it was worth a photo)



12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to both of you. Safe travels! Your pic is great! Love, G.

  2. Love the shot of Sharkey”s Pier!

    Happy New Year and have a safe trip to Flower Mound. Every moment with family is a blessing!

  3. Great pictures! Love those lights…it’s amazing! Wonderful of you and Jerry…good looking couple I must say!
    Sounds like a very nice New Year’s Eve for you…I’m going with the girls to dinner at Cafe Venice and then to Venice Theater for Buble…should be a nice evening!
    It’s a time for reflection each year….I am grateful for my health, my family and so importantly my dear friends of which you are one of them! You are a great, caring, wonderful person Mary and I’m so blessed that you are in my life! Happy New Year my friend! I wish only good things for you and yours in 2017!
    Have a wonderful time in Texas and route those kids on! Love you, Pam

  4. Happy, happy new year to you Mary. Love the pictures and the message. See you when you get back from Texas. Swim meets are a lot like second grade wrestling meets.😴

    Sent from my iPad


  5. You all look great. Happy New Year!

  6. Deirdre Christman

    Happy new year!!! I think your goals are my goals, maybe everyone’s goals as they approach 70. Here’s wishing you and Jerry good health and much joy in the new year!

    Speaking of Jerry, the last couple of times Russ and I have been with him, we’d forgotten he’d had a stroke! So happy Jerry’s doing so well!

  7. Thank you, Mary. Happy, healthy 2017 to all. Love, elin

  8. Hi Mary! I love your goals…they sound pretty lofty to me!
    I love that place in Nakomis. We went a few times with Bill’s mom and dad when we were down there at the holidays. It does remind one of Bright Nights, though I haven’t been there in years! There never seems to be enough time when the kids are here…maybe next year!
    I am looking forward to yoga in Feb! I’ll be down Feb 19 in afternoon and will stay until Saturday morning. So hopefully I’ll see you Tuesday morning if all goes well!
    Until then, Happy New Year and travel safely. Love!

  9. Staying fit and keeping your marbles, sound like lofty goals to me. It’s good to focus on your health and well-being to be able to handle the rest. If anyone can reach goals, it’s you. I wish you all and more in the new year. I treasure our friendship. Love to you both & safe travels…

  10. Happy, healthy New Year to you and Jerry! Love
    the goals and the book recommendations. Safe travels to Texas and enjoy every precious moment of that swim meet!

  11. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Jerry! Love the family pictures. Enjoy your time with those kiddos and safe travels! BTW my daughter Lauren got engaged over Xmas and we are looking forward to a July RI shore wedding ❤️

  12. Happy new Year may it be full of happiness and health

    Sent from my iPhone


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