Weekend in Washington


Okay, this will be short.  I’ve book two hotel rooms in Arlington near Reagan National and will be going to the March.  Unfortunately, it was impossible to find a room for less than an arm and a leg and your first born child for the night of 1/20.   It was tricky enough to find a “refundable” room for the following night.  It was also impossible to find a flight out of DC on 1/22 for less than your second child.

So, the plan is to find a place to sleep on 1/20 (fingers crossed) and then move into the hotel after the march for 1/21 and 1/22.

If you are interested in going, let me know.  Linda Morassi and I have booked flights with Southwest…hotel rooms can be cancelled if necessary…so there no risk of money loss if we back out.  It seems far more likely that we’re in, though, and would love to have company!


7 thoughts on “Weekend in Washington

  1. Have fun!

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  2. Dear Mary I am going with two granddaughters. Booking an airbnb, I think. What was the price of your hotel? Linda


  3. Where can I get info on the March?

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  4. Deirdre Christman

    I admite you, but have no desire to join you. Every precinct I canvassed or called went for Trump. I’m spending the next four years reading, taking pictures, nurturing relationships, and raising money for women’s causes.

  5. I was at George W Bush’s first inauguration. There were protesters there then. It was useless, ineffective and almost comical to see them protest something they could do nothing about. I’m sure the hotels and restaurants will appreciate your business. Good trickle-down effect from Trump’s inauguration.

  6. Mary-How did you learn of this March?

  7. Mary, I am working to bring a small group from my UU congregation and am working with the Washington UU church to explore accomodations possibly available. Nothing in stone. Will check in with you later.

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