The Long Trip Home

Hydrangeas All Over Ireland

Hydrangeas All Over Ireland

Things went so smoothly this trip (aside from the little thing like losing a phone!) until the very end. We left Dublin at 11:00. We sailed through passport and customs with Global Entry…could do it all in Dublin and check our bags straight through to Orlando.  Sooo, easy.

And the trip from Dublin to JFK in New York was a snap…a bit “squishy” in those center seats.  I was sitting next to a BIG guy..ugh.  But still, easy.

We were scheduled to leave JFK at 4:00pm.  The plane was a bit late.  We were ready to go by 4:30 but unfortunately there were storms in the area.  Ended up leaving at 9:00 pm…yes, 9:00pm.  Got into Orlando at midnight (as opposed to the original time of 7:00pm)  Waited for the van to our park and ride and finally got home at 4:00AM…Oh my, am I tired.

So anyway, some things about the trip…things I’m glad we did, things I wish we did.  Here we go:

Glad that we:

  • Brought umbrellas (even though we didn’t need them a lot
  • Bought tickets for the Gatwick Express online.  The line at the airport was LONG!
  • Bought tickets to big attractions (Westminster, Tower of London, Churchill’s War Rooms) online early
  • Got some money exchanged early so we’d have it as soon as we arrived
  • Went to Sky Garden for breakfast before they opened for tours
  • Went on a tour in Ireland rather than driving around by ourselves.  Those roads really scared me.
  • Brought a camera in addition to my phone (bet you can figure out why I’m happy about that)
  • Had my iPad as well as my phone.
  • Got Global Entry.  We’ve started traveling a lot and it makes the process easier and shorter.

Wish we had:

  • Looked into buying some cellular time…would have been good to have a phone (ha ha) and not had to rely on finding wifi.  We heard you could get 100 minutes for $40.  Sounds good.
  • Done Tower of London differently.  Read later that you should head for the Crown Jewels as soon as you arrive and then go find a Beefeater for the tour.  We just wandered around by ourselves.
  • Gotten to a few more places in London like the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery and Buckingham Palace
  • Looked closely at the hours for each place.  We almost missed Westminster Abbey
  • Gotten to the National Gallery and St Stephen’s Green in Dublin…supposed to be nice

But all in all, it was great.  And I am so glad to be home even if it’s just for a few days before I head to Massachusetts.  Oh, and my number one priority today was getting a phone.  I reactivated my old iPhone 4 (didn’t even need to go to Verizon to do it, did it with “chat” online) and I’ll get a new phone in October when my contract is up.  Whew…I couldn’t last long without a phone!  And I definitely couldn’t travel without one!

love to all


Jaunting Cars in Killarney

Jaunting Cars in Killarney


4 thoughts on “The Long Trip Home

  1. Welcome home. You could write for a travel mag. Beautiful. Love you


  2. YAY! Safe & Sound!! Any chance you might head for Cape Cod?

  3. All in all, it sounds like a fabulous trip. Thanks for the tips – in case we ever get to GB and Ireland. And I can’t wait to see you soon!

  4. Hello from Patty and Marland! Glad you enjoyed the wedding and got home safe. We are leaving Edinburgh in the morning as we continue this CIE tour of England, Wales, and Scotland. Meeting more lovely people and seeing beautiful places everywhere but getting quite tired. Will be following your home adventures as we continue traveling! We did get to see the ‘lost’ Carravegio ‘The Taking of Christ’ at the museum in Dublin – it is stunning!!

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