Wedding in Glengarriff

Weddin Reception

Wedding Reception


 We left the tour group on Friday morning. What a nice group of people! We met a lovely woman and her three daughters. Where are you from, I ask?

Florida they say.

We are too. Where in Florida? (we had already met people from the Gainesville area and somewhere on the Panhandle.

On the west coast, Irene Ferguson says.

We are too, says I. We live in Venice.

I live in Englewood, she says. (She’s on Manasota Key…knows Cookie LeRoy)
And then there was Stephani from Washington State…second grade teacher whose best friend had spent some time teaching in Bulgaria.

Ask her if she knows Shari Marshall, says I. (Shari is a good friend working at the English speaking school in Bulgaria) Stephani comes back the next day.

Yes, she knows Shari, she loves Shari.  Small world.

Anyway on Friday we went over to Shannon Airport to pick up our rental car and head for Glengarriff for the wedding.

Worst part of the trip. Not the wedding. The wedding was absolutely fabulous.  But driving in Ireland is absolutely terrifying. I remembered it from forty years ago. Narrow roads, stone walls and ditches, cars and trucks and buses come at you and you swear there isn’t room for both of you on the road (sometimes there ISN’T room for both of you). Talk about white knuckle driving and white knuckle backseat driving (that would be me shrieking at poor Jerry to move over before he takes out someone’s mirror or ends up in a ditch). Joseph, the groom, really did give excellent directions and warned us NOT to follow GPS or Google Maps because they might take us the most direct way but that often involved tiny roads that were dangerous and not well marked. And we followed his directions until we forgot and turned onto a dirt road that was beyond awful.

View from our window in the Eccles

View from our window in the Eccles

Glengarriff was gorgeous. The hotel was beautiful and our room had a view of Bantry Bay. The wedding was at a lovely chapel about 40 minutes away, up a mountain overlooking a lake. God bless Marie and Joe…they had made arrangements for Americans to carpool with people who knew the roads. The service was in English and Latin, the wedding vows were in Gaelic, the music was in Gaelic and Latin. There were bagpipes, ushers in kilts, a Bentley for the bride and groom to ride back to the hotel for the reception, about a million Irish relatives and friends, a respectable contingent from America and friends from Scotland, England and Wales.

Church in Gougane Barra

Church in Gougane Barra

So Irish weddings are not short affairs. The service was about 90 minutes. Not sure how long formal pictures were but we went to a hotel across from the church for tea and scones while the photographer did his thing. Cocktails were about two hours. Dinner began around 8 (wedding was at 2) and dancing began at 10.

Bernadette and Joseph

Bernadette and Joseph

The band was great but Jerry and I don’t have a dancing bone in our bodies. We can sway back and forth to slow music and bounce around to rock music but that’s about it. This band required people,who could actually dance. I did try a reel with Marie…looked like a lost soul but the Irish are enormously kind and physically turned me around when I went the wrong way.  Lots of laughs.

We sat at a table with some of Bernadette’s cousins and by the end of the evening had promised them  a place to stay if they come to Florida. And they’ve offered us a place just outside of Dublin if we come back this way.

Jerry and I finally left the party around 12:30 and it was still going strong. Marie and Joe, parents of the groom, lasted until 3:15 when things showed signs of breaking up…they had switched from a band to DJ around 1:30, I think. There was a group that went to bed around 6:00. The Irish definitely know how to party.

We clean up fine!

We clean up fine!

Today we headed to Kinsale. When I was here years ago, it was one of my favorite places. It’s still beautiful but again, the driving got a bit dicey (we’re getting too old for this) and we didn’t stay long

We took the  M8 and M7 to Dublin…a lovely, four lane divided highway…who would have thought I’d be thrilled to see a highway? We’re flying out of Dublin tomorrow morning. What a great trip. What a gorgeous wedding. And yes, we’ll be thrilled to be home.

Hydrangeas everywhere

Hydrangeas everywhere


6 thoughts on “Wedding in Glengarriff

  1. Sounds like a fantastic journey!

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Small world, for sure! Sounds like you are having the grandest time!!


  3. Love your outfit! Cool trip!

  4. What an adventure! I’d say the two of you are very courageous to tackle that driving adventure! Wedding sounds lovely but wow, they sure do know how to party! You have seen soooo much but I’m sure you’ll be glad to get home! Safe travels tomorrow! See you soon😎🐢🌴

  5. Small world – though this wedding looks out of this world fabulous! So glad you could be part of it and we could share your delight vicariously.

  6. I’ve wanted to reply maybe two posts back thinking how enriching yourself and enjoying life while having the priviledge to travel, is nothing to feel ‘guilt’ about. You shared with us your observations and lessons learned and commented on alternate universes that can only make us wonder of our place in this world and how lucky we are at times. I think spreading as much joy and wisdom wherever we are can only make the world a better place which, Mary, you do quite well. What is life if not to keep learning and find some personal peace and happiness? I am so glad you guys had a wonderful trip. Much love and safe travels to you and Jerry.

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