First World Problems Revisited

Georgian Door. Dublin

Georgian Door. Dublin

Let’s face it. No matter what happens to us, it’s nothing compared to what a huge portion of our planet’s population have to deal with every day simply to survive. Still, life can get pretty stressful…even with a small problem.

So yesterday Jerry and I took the bus into Dublin Centre and shortly after we arrived I reached in my purse for my phone to check the time. No phone. Checked every bit of the purse.  Checked every pocket. Checked JERRY’S pockets and backpack.  No phone. And I had had it on the bus. I’ve come to the conclusion it was snatched while we walked down the street but honestly, I have no clue how it happened.  It wasn’t even crowded yesterday morning. It didn’t drop out on the bus. Our bus driver would have found it. Dumb, dumb, dumb.  I never think someone TOOK my things. I just assume I lost them. But I’m coming to the conclusion that’s what happened.

Anyway, I’m without a phone. I stopped service with Verizon, went on Apple and registered it as lost and erased everything. And I’ll get another one when we get home. So glad I have my iPad with me.

As I said, it was pretty stressful but as problems go, it’s not a huge one…especially since I think I’ve protected all the info on the phone. I’m finding the thing I miss the most is not knowing what time it is. Maybe I’ll buy a watch today.

Day One and Two in Ireland.  We’re staying a bit south of the center of Dublin and took a city bus into the center on Saturday. We had vouchers for the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus and hopped right on. It was fun riding around town getting tidbits of history and good info. We hopped off at Killmainham Gaol for a tour of a pretty awful prison. The leaders of the 1916 Uprising were executed here.

The tour was fascinating. The prison was considered “cutting edge”in its day because the plan was for one man, one cell rather than everyone in big rooms.  Plan didn’t work because of overcrowding…sometimes there were five people in a cell with one cot.  It as especially crowded during the famine when people either stole food to survive and were caught or did something to get arrested so they’d get in and get food. The youngest prisoner was a five year old caught stealing some bread, I think. He was there for several months.

Day Two in Dublin we went into town early to go to the GPO (General Post Office) , the main site of the 1916 Uprising.  The Irish were still part of the UK and wanted out.  A relatively small number of people decided to make it happen by force and took over some strategic buildings in the city. The English, very much involved in World War One, still moved quickly sending about 20,000 troops to stop them.  What happened was a massive mess…millions of dollars worth of damage but worse than that many, many casualties, mostly civilian. The Irish people originally were not with the rebels but as the leaders were executed one by one, public opinion changed and the support for a free Ireland grew beyond some wild eyed radicals to the common everyday citizen.  Ireland became a separate country I 1922.

Interesting. In the late 70s I took a course in Irish History and it was, looking back, hugely pro-free Irish.  It was the time of “the Troubles” and  the Irish were hugely anti-Brit.  Anyway, back then when I was young and crazy(as opposed to now when I’m old and crazy) I thought the 1916 rebels were heroes. Yesterday, as I went through the displays at the GPO, I was horrified by what they had done.  Crazy Irish…I wonder how long it would have taken for them to get free if they hadn’t taken over the GPO in 1916.  They needed a Ghandi, I suppose.

Today we’re off to visit a working sheep farm and to kiss the Blarney Stone. (Not necessary for me…I already talk too much).

Love to all

Killmainham Gaol

Killmainham Gaol


4 thoughts on “First World Problems Revisited

  1. Great information, Mary. Keep it coming!

  2. Hi Mary. What a wonderful trip. You write so well, it is a pleasure to read your thoughts. The door in the photo is amazing. Such art. Have a wonderful time. We miss you on the beach, but I understand!!
    Stay well. Elin

  3. I finally got to read all your posts. We have the grandbabies for 2 weeks, now in week 2, and realize how consuming they are of our focus. We are having a blast however exhausting. Thank goodness you & the kids are safe after Nice. Talk about world problems. We wish you continued safe & fun travels.

  4. Keep posting, please. I feel like I’m there with you and learning some interesting history as well!

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