London. Days Three and Four

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Travel is definitely not for sissies. We really haven’t stopped.  We do end the day earlier than Sean and Carly who went out last night to see The Book of Morman.  But it’s pretty impressive how long we can last.

Yesterday we went out to Nodding Hill just to wander around.  Now I have to see the movie again.  And we toured Kensington Palace.  Pretty interesting tour.   Most revealing was the talk on Queen Victoria whose mom was a pretty scary, scheming woman.  Victoria’s first action when she was named queen was to shut the door on her mom who had really hoped to rule the country as her daughter’s regent.  She was incredibly controlling insisting that Victoria never be left alone for a minute and that someone hold her hand any time she walked down the stairs.  (Really?)

We went to Westminster Abbey.  I used to think it was mostly a church for weddings, funerals and coronations but now I know that it’s also a huge mausoleum.  Seriously, anybody who is anybody is buried here.  Or if they aren’t buried there complete with ornate coffin and sculpture, they at least have a plaque.  Fascinating.

We checked out Harrods…opulence at its best.  We shared a ridiculously expensive ice cream sundae…overpriced but isn’t everything at Harrods overpriced?

Sean and Carly left for Paris early this morning.  Jerry and I went to the Sky Garden for breakfast…a beautiful enclosed rooftop garden with 360º view of London.  It was the perfect morning for it.  WE headed to the Churchill War Rooms next and spent about two hours underground learning about Winston Chruchill (did you know he took two baths and a nap every day?) Two baths???

And of course we checked out 10 Downing Street where reporters and photographers were lining up early to get shots of David Cameron leaving and Theresa May arriving.  You can’t go down the street so I took photos outside the gate …of the wrong house!

We’ve moved to a new hotel.  We were in the Amba Charing Cross in the center of London…absolutely beautiful and incredibly convenient to everything.  But it cost a fortune (we did get a good deal) and so we’re over in Greenwich for couple nights.  It’s nice here and a nice change of pace…way quieter.  London is nuts!  It’s like NYC on steroids.

We’reback to the hotel after a lunch/dinner in a local pub, a walk around the neighborhood including a walk UNDER the Thames to the other side.  We have the TV on, watched Cameron saying goodbye and Theresa May’s first speech outside 10Downing Street (that’s how I knew I had the wrong house) I liked what she had to say.  Let’s see what she does.  I wouldn’t want to be her. What a huge job…and the country barely knows her.  They do things so differently here.

One more day to wander around here. We’ll spend some time in Greenwich and then take a boat up the Thames to the center of London again.  There are a few things we still want to see.  Actually there are a LOT of things we’d like to see but we won’t have the time (or energy)!

Love to all of you…More later …Lots of photos…Here you go

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Downing Street.  #10 is not the red brick (I thought) but the gray one at the end of the lane.

Downing Street. #10 is not the red brick (I thought) but the gray one at the end of the lane.


Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Lunch at a Pub in Greenwich

Lunch at a Pub in Greenwich

Chruchill's Bedroom underground

Chruchill’s Bedroom underground

Cannolis from a local market

Cannolis from a local market


6 thoughts on “London. Days Three and Four

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, and right in the midst of all the action! How exciting!

  2. You have covered an amazing amount of territory! Still hot & humid so u r missing nothing!

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  3. Deirdre Christman

    You guys are indefatigable! Sounds like you’re having a great time and the weather looks good. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds love like you’re taking in lots of London…you certainly do have lots of energy! No problem with the wrong building…you still got 10 Downing in the picture! Continue having a wonderful time! I’m green!😜

  5. Sounds like a great trip! I enjoy your reflections.

  6. What an historic time to be in London Real changing of the guards. Love you



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