London Days One and Two

Sean, Carly and Mary ...London Eye in the background

Sean, Carly and Mary …London Eye in the background

This is quite an adventure.  We flew out of Orlando on Norwegian on Saturday night.  Very inexpensive and just fine EXCEPT I figured there was no need to buy breakfast (you had to pre-buy meals).  I just brought along some breakfast bars and fruit and figured we’d buy a cup of coffee.

So we sort of slept …I swore I didn’t sleep but I did have a dream that we landed and someone carried me to the hotel because I was so tired so if I dreamed, I guess I slept.  And when we woke up they were serving breakfast…a sweet roll, coffee and orange juice for $10.00. But you couldn’t get coffee…no buying extras while they’re serving meals.  And then, of course, we landed shortly afterwards so no coffee…Note to self…buy the breakfast if coffee is all that important !

And then, yes, we looked like a couple of Yanks who have no clue what they’re doing, following the line to passport check, trying to make sure we got in the right line (which was endless), trying to figure out exactly where to catch the train into the city, dragging luggage up and down steps and then trying to figure out once we were at Victoria Station how to get the right train to the hotel area.   We were so proud of ourselves that we actually did it all.

We didn’t even bother unpacking.  Sean and Carly came back from their travels (they had arrived the day before) and we went over to the National Gallery.  There were some specific paintings I wanted to see…one of VanGogh’s Sunflowers, some Monets, a few other Impressionists.  Beautiful pieces.

Went for a walk after that…saw Big Ben and the London Eye.  And out to dinner.

Today was St. Paul’s, the Tate Modern (more Rothkos!) and the Tower of London.  One of my favorite things to do with kids after they watched a video or read a  piece of nonfiction or finished a science or social studies unit was to ask them to write just one sentence…”I used to think —– but now I know—-“.  Well I used to think the Tower of London was JUST a prison and torture and execution place but now I know it was also a fortress, castle, zoo, and training grounds for military.  But I do have to say that the most interesting parts were still the torture and execution stuff.

The food is good.  Lunch was at an outdoor market and we found a place to sit where we could listen to street music.   Breakfast was at a

little place with great croissants (not as good as Jim’s, Trevina) I ordered a small coffee and small at this place means really, really small.  Good coffee but I could have used about three cups.

Sean and Carly are going out to dinner tonight on their own.  It’s their first anniversary and they’re going some place special so Jerry and I will have to find our own food.  They’re stopping by to have a glass of wine with us first.   We stopped by the desk this morning to tell them our shower drained VERY slowly (I thought maybe they wanted us to take quick showers so they did it on purpose)  They fixed it and left us a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket along with some chocolates and a handwritten apology note.  What a place!

Yes, we like London.  Yes, we’ve figured out how to use the tube.  And we’re walking miles and miles besides which is probably good.  We won’t come home ten pounds heavier!

And the weather has been heavenly.  Yes, it does rain (we were ready…rain jackets, umbrellas, ponchos) but it doesn’t rain all day (at least so far it doesn’t)  And it’s cool but not cold.  Pretty nice after our Florida summer.

Miss you all…

Phone booth with new purpose

Phone booth with new purpose

Sean and Carly and Big Ben

Sean and Carly and Big Ben

National Gallery..Trafalger Square

National Gallery..Trafalger Square

Monet...Natinal Gallery

Monet…Natinal Gallery

Tower of London

Tower of London

Guard and Jerry at Tower of London

Guard and Jerry at Tower of London

Sorry about the drain

Sorry about the drain


11 thoughts on “London Days One and Two

  1. So glad you are having a great time. I love Monet! I never thought the Tower would ever have been used as a zoo🙀 Enjoying your posts-please keep writing. G.

  2. Sounds like you’re figuring it all out and have seen much already! So nice you could meet Sean and Carly!
    Enjoy your marvelous trip!

  3. Thank you so much for taking me along! Love it!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Sounds like a fun trip so far! Enjoy 😊

  5. Have a fabulous time!
    I went to London with Jazmyne in 2006 (she was 13) on our way to South Africa where I was going to speak at a conference. She figured out the tube way before me. I dragged her along to the National Gallery (she was anxious to leave shortly after we got there) but I must say that her very favorite part of the trip was a (what to call it?) sort of underground amusement park attraction near the center of the city that focused on the horrors of London. You sit for the whole ride (about an hour or more) and visit all the known crimes of London. A bit scary and very entertaining. And, as I said, Jazmyne loved it!

    • Thanks, Sonia. I saw it. It’s over by the London Eye. We weren’t planning on going but it’s supposed to pour tomorrow afternoon so maybe we’ll go!

  6. Love your comings and goings. Such a treat to add those stamps on your passports. There used to be (perhaps still is) a dElightful sterling market area.

    The repurposed telephone booth is a hoot.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  7. Exciting times to be in jolly old England., ! Keep a diary!

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  8. As always, you’re making the most of every minute! Thanks for letting us live vicariously.

  9. And oh what a time to be in London…the change Wednesday is going to be amazing and so quickly done

    Sent from my iPad


  10. What a wonderful and ambitious trip. Good for you! We’ve never done a travel tour, but are getting more ready to. Doing it on your own, is for the hearty, indeed. One more big one on our own (Canadian Rockies in Sept) and then it’s the tour company. I’m collecting the names of ones friends have liked. Always open for good ideas. ENJOY!

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