Dodging Bullets

July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!  The picture above is one of Erin’s.  It was taken when Declan was only a little over five months old.  It’s one of my favorites.

The best laid plans…Jerry and I went to yoga on Wednesday morning and on the way we heard a vague thump, thump, thump.

What’s that?  I ask

Sounds like something in a tire, he says.  We’ll take a look at it.

Then it went away.  And we didn’t hear it on the way home. Didn’t hear it on the way to Karen and John Pestana’s later in the morning when we picked them up for a trip to St. Pete to see the Red Sox play the Rays.  We DID hear something on the way to the highway.  So we pulled over and Jerry and John got out, took a good look at all the tires and got back in. Everything looked fine.

And off we went.

Then in north Sarasota, near the airport exit, we heard a shrieking sound.

Is that us?  I ask

I don’t think so, says Jerry.

It gets louder.

It’s us!  It’s us!  I start yelling.

And Jerry, who was far calmer than I was, gets us across a lane and over the side.  By now the THUMP, THUMP is LOUD.  Blowout.  The tire was shredded.

Lucky us.  People are fine.  Car is fine. AAA came fairly quickly (felt like forever but it was fairly quickly) We bailed on the game.  Just couldn’t face more time on the highway.  I think we all were a little shaken.  We got off the highway, went home back roads and got two new tires the next day.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda…Oh how I wish I had called John and Karen and asked them to drive when we first heard the thump.  How easy that would have been?  It just seemed as if there really was nothing wrong.  Note to self:  When you hear something weird, have it checked out.  If you don’t have time at the moment to have it checked out, don’t go on the highway.

So we missed the game (Red Sox lost) but again, we are very lucky people.

The turtles keep coming and coming and coming.  We have 300 nests on our “zone” (about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile of beach)  I’ve never seen anything like it.

We’ve been busy.  We went to my sister’s in Port Charlotte the other night for dinner.  She and her husband have a new boat they’ve been working on and we took a ride over to where it was docked to take a look.  Mighty impressive.  But a LOT of work.  Better, as I have heard, to have friends (or relatives) with a boat than to have a boat yourself.

And I went to Sarasota with good friends to the Ringling Museum and then a movie at Burns Court.  Love and Friendship was playing.  It gets fabulous reviews and I did like it okay but I’m not telling you it is not to be missed. It was funny…very witty…and the costuming was gorgeous but I’m not as nuts about Jane Austen as many people are.  There’s another one coming called The Innocents about a convent in Poland (I think) where all the nuns are pregnant and delivering babies around the same time…raped by Russian soldiers at the end of World War II…That really isn’t my kind of movie either but it does intrigue me.  Based on a true story.

I’m reading High Dive (thanks for the recommendation, Paula) about the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984 when Margaret Thatcher was staying there.  Good book.  Three narrators…all good.  And I’m listening to Why We Came to the City…kind of a serious “Friends” that gets mixed reviews but I like it.

And I’m devouring information on London.  We’re leaving next Saturday evening…first for London where we’ll connect with Sean and Carly who are on their honeymoon (on their first anniversary)  They’ll go on to Paris and assorted other amazing places.  We’ll head to Ireland for a tour and a wedding…Good friends’ son is getting married on July 23.  It will be wonderful to see him again and meet his new wife.

I’m packing cold weather clothes…it’s going to be mostly in the 60s while we’re there.  We’ll probably enjoy it after the heat around here!

Keep my friend, Kate, in your prayers. (glioblastoma)  She just had an MRI and it wasn’t good.  The original tumor has grown and a new one of equal size has appeared. She’s not in pain and is content to sit on her porch and look out over the water in Hull, Massachusetts.  And she’s determined to last till her niece’s wedding in October.  It’s breaking my heart.

Be well, my friends.  Hope your enjoying the day wherever you are. of my favorite fish.

Calli…one of my favorite fish.





8 thoughts on “Dodging Bullets

  1. What a wonderful trip you’ve planned. God bless you both. Have a blast! And, be safe! The turtles need you!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Safe travels. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Don’t forget to share those photos!
    It’s a banner year for bears and turtles, apparently.

  3. Europe now? What a grand treat. Enjoy each moment and post millions of photos for those of us traveling vicariously with you

  4. So glad you’re all safe…had to be scary! Yes those noises usually mean something’s wrong but we ignore hoping it’s ok. You are busy but having lots of fun I’m sure. The beach probably won’t be busy tomorrow with all the noises fireworks scaring those mamas but then we never know do we?! I’m sure you’re excited about your trip…I’ve always wanted to see Ireland..lucky you! Have a g eat 4th my friend!, See you tomorrow bright and early! Pam

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Glad you dodged THAT bullet! A blowout is a nightmare!

    Can’t wait to read your blog from the UK and Ireland.

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Yep-Get those things checked when you hear em. This could have been me. Glad it ended well.

    300 turtle nests. Something is in their karma…and it’s good.

    Stay cool! And Have a great 4th!


  7. The photo of the girls feeding Declan is a classic July 4th picture and perhaps the cutest show of sibling love. We wish you ALL safe travels.

  8. Have a wonderful time in Englang go crazy shopping now that the exchange is great love Ireland tell it I will try to come back. Love and blessings paulA

    Sent from my iPhone


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