Harry and David

Early morning on the beach

Early morning on the beach

A box from Harry and David filled with pears and other great treats arrived yesterday…with no name.  I’m hoping whoever sent it reads this and lets us know.  We are thoroughly enjoying the contents and need to know whom to thank!

We’re not thoroughly enjoying the hot weather but we can live with it…not sure how you survive summer in Florida without a pool but people do it.  My guess is that they spend a lot of time indoors, probably similar to winters in New England.  Jerry doesn’t seem to mind it.  He works in the yard and plays golf with no complaints. Me…well I whine if it’s too hot at yoga and that’s at 8:00 AM.

I absolutely love the beach early in the morning but when turtle patrol takes longer than usual, I’m not a happy camper.  The other day I thought we’d NEVER get off the beach.  So many nests, so much work to do.  Thank heavens Margi’s brother and sister-in-law live on the beach.  We needed more water part way through and stopped there for a rest and some water.  I do drink gallons of water these days.  Wouldn’t leave home without water…not even to go around the corner to the store.

Last week I went kayaking with two good friends and we saw three dolphins having a grand old time and putting on quite a show.  All of a sudden I looked down and one of the dolphins was right next to the kayak.  I have never been this close to a dolphin.  What was amazing was the look in her eyes…curiosity? wisdom? peace?  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen eyes like that before except maybe…yes, I’ve seen them on a horse.  Animals have so much more wisdom than we ever could understand, I think.  If you want to see a bit of our encounter, you can check Margi’s video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqMiT4rDrhc&feature=youtu.be.

I read Lesley Stahl’s book Becoming Grandma.  It gets mixed reviews but I thought it was great.  If you don’t read it, google Hope Meadows and read about the community that was designed to support foster families by offering homes to seniors next door to young families.  I enjoyed reading about Lesley’s own experience “becoming Grandma” but I also was fascinated with her information about grandparents and how they impact the lives of their grandchildren.  Nice book.  I listened to it and Lesley did her own reading.  That was nice too.

Early beach morning

Early beach morning










4 thoughts on “Harry and David

  1. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Love those photos!!

  2. Here’s the dolphin encounter http://youtu.be/fqMiT4rDrhc

  3. I loved Lesley Stahl’s book!

  4. I just loved Margi’s dophin video not only for the magic of the encounter but for the soothing sound of water rippling under your oars. I think I could listen to a sound track of that and never have trouble falling asleep. The weather on Cape Cod is perfect, warm in the sun with cool soft breezes averaging in the mid-70s, although rain is much needed. I don’t envy your heat. Sending cool thoughts your way…

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