All Night Party on the Beach


Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean

Okay, first,  we saw this at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg back in April. I wasn’t in love with it until I saw a smaller version.  Then I was blown away.  I put the thumbnail at the bottom of this post.

Next, I was at an all night party last night.  Pretty sedate party.  Our turtle patrol team met at Margi’s brother’s house at midnight and went on the beach, hoping to see a turtle nesting.  We saw four.  It’s

Smaller than normal loggerhead

Smaller than normal loggerhead

almost like praying…just to sit quietly in the sand and watch her crawl up out of the water and slowly make her way across the beach.  Then it takes forever for her to dig her hole, deposit the eggs, cover and throw sand around to camouflage the nest.  And the whole thing is in relative silence…just a little heavy breathing on the turtle’s part and some quiet, deep breathing on ours…She goes into a meditative state and I think we did too.

Moon over the Gulf

Moon over the Gulf

Beautiful night to be out…the full moon lit up the beach.  We didn’t need flashlights.  Good thing because you really shouldn’t use a flashlight on a beach during nesting season.  The light can disorient the turtles.

We were on the beach until around 3:30 AM, went back to Margi’s brother’s house for a “breakfast” on the lanai, and then back out again until around 6:00.  Coffee and then back on the beach for our regular patrol route.

And then?  Home and to bed.  I finally crawled out of bed around noon, did a little cleaning and then floated in the pool with my latest book.  Rough day.

So people say Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (not sure she did but it sounds like her)  For me (I know this will sound silly) it was going to a new place for yoga. I like my own class.  I know what to expect.  I know the people.  I know the instructors.  This was all new.

I had finished turtle patrol one day last week and didn’t have time to make it to my regular 8:00 class.  I had heard that there was a class on Englewood Beach just down the road at 8:30.  So I headed down and went onto the beach to look for the class.  They were at the north end of the beach, laying down their blankets and towels and I joined them, making sure I was in the back so if I totally messed up, not too many people would see me.

I liked it.  I don’t know if I will ever love any class as much as ours in Venice but I did like it.  The instructor used a sound system which made it easy for everyone to hear his voice above the wind and waves.  He did a lot of the same things we do at our class and nothing was impossible.  It was nice, more spiritual than our class but at the same time, I’m not sure how peaceful it was because he sounded like an auctioneer…talked quickly and a lot. I’m surprised it didn’t bother me all that much. Maybe I’m just mellow when I’m on the beach.

It was an hour and the time went by fast.  And yes, I’ll go back when it works (too late for my own class, just right for Englewood) but Venice would always be my first choice.

On Tuesday evenings Jerry and I play Trivia.  We have a team of eight…only four of us tonight–two are snowbirds and two are away.  We had crawled up from a serious negative score to zero by the half time.  It’s always fun. We were so terrible this week that we decided zero wasn’t all that bad and if we could at least finish with a zero, we’d be okay.  (If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards)  Instead we came in third (there were about twenty teams) with a very nice score of 93.

Books: I just finished Brit Marie Was Here by Frederick Bachman who wrote A Man Called Ove.  I know, I know…some of you LOVED Ove and some of you thought it was “meh” and some really didn’t like it at all.  So if you didn’t love it, don’t bother with Brit Marie but if you DID love Ove, you’ll love this one too. It made me laugh right out loud.  Absolutely delightful.

Everybody’s Fool by Richard Russo made me laugh, too. Good book.  I read this one and listened to Brit Marie…two books that I thoroughly enjoyed in the past few weeks..Nice!

And I read Old Age  A Manual for Beginners by Michael Kinsley.  That one…well I really, really liked parts of it and found other parts boring.  And I guess depressing..but not really.  It is what it is.,  We are all growing old.  If you have Parkinsons or know someone with Parkinsons (I thought of you, Wendie) you might or might not want to read this.  Kinsley has Parkinsons and parts of the book are dedicated to his coming to terms with it, how it has affected his life and what might come next.

And I listened to Hamilton The Revolution about the making of the musical.  I wanted to see it before I read this but now…Oh my, I really want to see this show.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack.  I understand they’re taping it and it will show on PBS in October (thanks, Barb for the heads up).  The music is incredible. The lyrics are amazing.  Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius.

I stole the photo below from Erin’s Facebook page.  I swear those kids have gills.

Declan, Lana and Calli

Declan, Lana and Calli

Happy Vacation to my friends from up north.  School is finally over for the year!

A smaller version of the Dali painting…wild huh?



8 thoughts on “All Night Party on the Beach

  1. You never fail to amaze. Who’da thunk you’d be up til 6 am doing turtle patrol. My goodness. BTW, loved the photo of your dad in Father’s Day. Glad all is good

  2. I got chills listening to your description of beach party. Perfect. And re: yoga …do it now but come November…forgetaboutit. 😋😉

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Lincoln and loggerheads and … an all-nighter. You all do have stamina! I love your full moon photo. Really LOVE it! If high resolution, please submit for the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP) calendar. Wilma


  4. Amazing painting! Thanks, Mary

  5. For a moment, I imagined myself sitting with you all on the beach, on the eve of our full moon, warm Florida breezes softly caressing us, mesmerized by nesting turtles, content to be alive and a part of something so spiritual and important. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Your “all-nighter” sounds like quite an adventure, a centering one. Years, maybe decades, ago, I experience a mother turtle preparing her next. Quite an experience.

    Not sure where Jim got Kinsey’s book. It was good except when he went off on something else.

    Love that moon over the Gulf. Nothing quite like it.

    Sounds like you are enjoying your summer in a multitude of ways. We are, too.

    Changed the sheets in the guest room 3 times in less than two weeks. My sister was here for a week which was the best as always. Friends in from Nebraska and Utah enroute to other places. Great to see them

    We go to Crested Butte, CO, the end of July to just enjoy. The place is known for its wild flowers and mountain biking and good food and vibe.

    I’m off to MD in August to get the kids for CO camp with Nana and Papa Jim. Delighted we can do this again.

    Here’s to you with love,


  7. Deirdre Christman

    You do three times as much as anyone else I know! Good for you; no grass grows under your feet! Me, I think, “Yoga on the beach sounds nice – but not first thing in the morning. I wonder whether they have a class at 4.” Probably too hot in the summer.

    We saw that painting at the Dali Museum in Figeures (sp?) in Spain. Gigantic and unbelievably arresting. The rest of the museum was interesting, but so packed we left after an hour.

    Love to hear what you’re reading. Looking forward to Everybody’s Fool, which should come in in about two weeks. Starting Now and Again by Charlotte Rogan, who wrote The Lifeboat, which I loved.

  8. Always love reading what you are doing! I know what you mean about new things. Starting a new swim regimen. Unsure.

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