LACMA and Farmers Market




Apocalyptic Landscape

We went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) today.  What a place.  It’s huge!   And I swear anyone who loves art should be able to find something to love.  Such a diverse and amazing collection.  Jerry and I went here about a year ago but I have a feeling that I’ve reached an age where I can go to a museum once a year and it will feel like a brand new thing.  I can’t believe how few pieces I remembered.  Scary, huh?

Head of an Old Woman

Head of an Old Woman

Anyway, they had a ton of Picassos, a few Monets, a Renoir, a couple Jackson Pollacks and a Rothko (and obviously hundreds of other pieces). There were a few interesting ones that caught my attention.  A sculpture of Voltaire, the guy who said “I do not agree with what you have to say,  but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Loved it.  And there was a great piece by Ludwig Meidner called “Apocalyptic Landscape” that  grabbed me for some reason. Renoir reminded me of Lana and Calli.  And for some  reason I’m attracted to paintings and photos of old women these days.  Now what does THAT say about me?


Levitated Mass

Levitated Mass

And there’s a sculpture outside that, I’m sorry, just looks like a giant 340 ton boulder but is called “Levitated Mass” and cost $10 million.  As I’ve said before, I still have a long way to go to appreciate art that isn’t an Impressionist painting.

$10 million for a big rock?  Not sure it’s worth it but obviously the LACMA thought so.

We walked over to the Farmers Market for lunch,.  It had the feel of the Marketplace in Budapest…busy, bustling crowds, everything imaginable to eat, places to buy produce and meats and fish and souvenirs and assorted “stuff”…just loved it.

Farmer's Market for Lunch

Farmer’s Market for Lunch

So now we’re back at Sean and Carly’s.  Both of them have work to do and Jerry and I are just enjoying  relaxing and reading (and writing).  We leave bright and early tomorrow.   It will be hard to say goodbye but we’ll be happy to come home. We’ve loved California.  The weather has been absolutely perfect and we’re going home to hazy, hot and humid.  We’ve loved the mountains and flowers.  And most of all we’ve loved being with Sean and Carly (and Erin and her gang before that).  Still it’s time to get back to our routine (which we also love).  Yes, it will be good to be home.

Two Girls Reading

Two Girls Reading



6 thoughts on “LACMA and Farmers Market

  1. Wonderful trip I’m sure. Thanks for taking us along! Safe trip home. Any sign in l.a. Of the ever drought?

    Sent from my iPad


  2. You certainly have visited many very interesting places! I’m sure you’re ready to come home…great to visit and see everyone else but there is no place like home!😀 Safe travels today…see you soon at turtles!🐢🌴

  3. We too, love open-air markets. It seems that even the small European towns have their own.

    Old women’s faces are so much more expressive and show the life of each.

    Welcome to Home Sweet Home. Loved hearing about your adventure.

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Would love to see that museum. Maybe someday. Went to the Denver Museum of Art recently for the Samurai exhibit of their costumes and helmets. Wow—works of art. Had lunch, then saw their permanent Native American exhibit. Stunning.

    Safe travels!


  5. I know, it’s wonderful visiting with the family, creating memories and exploring new sites, but there’s no place like home. Safe travels!

  6. Love the pictures! What a great trip!

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