Los Angeles in May


Refugee Photo at the Annenberg

We’re in Los Angeles with Carly and Sean.  Jerry and I were on our own the first two days.  We went out to lunch with Sean in Santa Monica on the first day and with Carly on the second,  Slowly, we’re crossing off all the basic tourist attractions on our list.  This time, we headed over to the Annenberg Space for Photography.  I had no idea what kind of exhibit would be there.  I just knew I loved photography and it wasn’t too far from the apartment.

The exhibit was titled REFUGEE and it blew me away.  It featured different photo journalists’ works from all over the world…Mexico, Myanmar, Syria, Europe, Nigeria, Central African Republic,



Columbia, New York City, Toronto…I recognized one photographer…Lindsey Addario.  I read her book, It’s What I Do, several months ago.  She’s spent a lot of time in war zones and her book gives you a clear picture what it might be like to get honest pictures of what’s going on far away from us.  Ever since I read it, I’ve looked at photos in the news differently.  I get an email once a week from The Week called “This Week’s Best IMG_4642Photojournalism” and now I take my time a take a good look and think about what the photographer had to do to get the shot.   I just read that Lindsey’s book is being made into a movie and Jennifer Lawrence is going to play her.  I imagine it will be good.

Anyway, the short little blurbs and beautiful pictures broke my heart.  One after another after another…old people, young people, children,babies, moms and dads…all escaping some kind of hell and trying to piece together a life some place else but probably in a different kind of hell at the moment. There was  terrific video on the photographers..on how they did their work and how they felt about it. Fabulous place to visit.  We’ll go back.

Walt Disney Concert Center

Walt Disney Concert Center

And we went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA.  They give tours of the building (which is spectacular)  Loved it. Headed to the MOCA after lunch.  It had some interesting pieces,  I still find modern art hard to love but there was a Jackson Pollack (the Brits call him “Jack the Dripper) I really liked and Rothko is growing on me.  I’m still basically an Impressionist fan, though.  But I’m trying to branch out!

We went to Santa Barbara yesterday.  The ride along the Pacific Coast is breathtaking.  We had breakfast in Montecito (where some people sighted Orlando Bloom..not me because A.  I had my back to him and B.  I wouldn’t have recognized him anyway.  But I could hear every word from his table and for any Orlando Bloom fans out there, let me tell you he seemed like a  great guy.  He was so good with his little boy and with his dad and so courteous to the wait staff.)   We wandered around downtown Santa Barbara and climbed the tower at the courthouse for a great view of the city (The climb nearly killed me.  I’m SO out of shape.  We just don’t see much of stairs in Florida)  We walked down on the pier and went to a chalk festival at the Mission and out to dinner…trout almandine, delicious.

Chalk Festival

Chalk Festival

Sean and Carly both have work to do today and I’m loving being lazy.  I read, I write, I relax.  Life is good.


Stearns Wharf...Santa Barbara

Stearns Wharf…Santa Barbara

Wharf with Sean, Santa Barbara

Wharf with Sean, Santa Barbara

Chalk Festival

Chalk Festival

Rothko and Me

Rothko and Me


7 thoughts on “Los Angeles in May

  1. Deirdre Christman

    Glad you are having such a great time! And so jealous of your time at the Annenberg Space for Photography. I just looked at the website and could have spent all night there if I hadn’t needed to send out the DFW reminder. When you get home, order “The Salt of the Earth” from Netflex (if you haven’t already seen it.) It details the life and work of Sebastaio Selgado, the Brazilian photographer who gives voice to the disenfranchised around the world. Can’t wait to see you in June!

  2. How do you manage to get so much in?! Sounds so wonderful. I like vicariously through your travels. Thank you for making them so enriching. Xo


  3. Looks like you’re having a great time….continue to enjoy! Miss you🐢 Pam

  4. You guys really know how to get the most out of life, always expanding your horizons and enjoying the ride. Wish you continued joy & safe travels.

  5. The summer Before I started at Center, we took the girls on a trip down the California coast starting in San francisco and ending in San Diego. One of our stops was Santa Barbara- we didn’t know why out travel agent had us stop, but once we got there, we figured it out. It is heaven on earth and I hope someday to return! So glad you got to go 🙂

  6. Love your explorations. I especially like Annenberg’s contribution to education most notably Journey North and other such sites. Still follow them.

  7. Irene Callahan

    Thanks for the tip. I am planning to be in Los Angeles next month. If I am lucky I will see this exhibit. If not, hopefully there will be one equally as interesting

    Sent from my iPad


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