Lost and Found

Lana's Birthday

Lana’s Birthday

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.  I will ALWAYS check the seat back pocket before I leave the plane even when I’m SURE there’s nothing there that belongs to me.  It could have been worse…a Kindle is far easier (and less expensive) to replace than an iPad or iPhone.  Still, I LOVE my Kindle and it was loaded up with books for the trip.  And yes, I know I can use the Kindle ap on my phone and iPad but I love my Kindle.

Anyway I filed a lost item report and waited patiently for about 24 hours before I sent them another email saying, “Have you found it yet???”  Nope, they said.  No luck.  Nothing the following day but that was when Jerry suggested I CALL the airport.  And I did and they put me on hold and came back an hour (well maybe it was around five minutes) later to say yes, they had it and yes, I could come get it.

So Thursday in between two sessions on the Underground Railroad with Lana’s fourth grade, I dashed over to DFW airport, waited patiently to get through security and got my cute little Kindle back!

A word to anyone else out there who leaves something on a plane…fill out the lost report but CALL the airport, too.  They have so much stuff I have no idea if  they would have ever gotten to my Kindle.  (BTW, I’m reading Madonnas of Leningrad.  It’s a beautiful book….came out several years ago and I’m finally getting around to it.)

Yesterday was field day at the kids’ school.  Three kids times two hours each…six hours.  I missed the last hour of Lana’s because I was doing a turtle workshop with the kindergarten who were fried after a day of sun and fun and wild living.  I’m heading back to play with them again bright and early Monday morning and getting help from a few fourth graders for the project…I just wasn’t ready to attempt clay sea turtles with 22 kinder kids all alone.

Our timing was perfect.  Calli’s First Communion, Lana’s tenth birthday, piano recital for all three kids, swim meet today for Lana and she knocked off four more seconds on her fly.  The kid is incredible.  The kids are easy and spend their free time glued to their iPads (I am not a good example for them!)  Still we find time for stories and Monopoly and craft

projects. And I have time for my own projects.  Working on a Shutterfly book about Spring break and our trip to Harry Potter land.  Declan wants me to write a book that rhymes (fat chance)

We’re here in Texas until Wednesday and then we’ll head out to California to see Sean and Carly.  We haven’t seen them since Christmas…terrible to be so far away!

Love to all


Declan at Field Day

Declan at Field Day


16 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. All good!!!!!

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone


  2. Debbie George

    So much fun packed into one trip! Keep enjoying and say hello to all for me!

  3. So glad you got your Kindle back! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with the kids and I’m all the kids are soooo happy the turtle lady is back! Have a fun rest of the time in Texas and another great time in CA.
    Sure do miss you on turtle patrol! Pam

  4. Loved the latest! Do keep us entertained Mary! I’m reading the boys in the boat by danielbrown. Excellent author. Be well. Judy

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Good advice on lost plane items. It has never happened to me, but there’s always a first for everything!

    So happy you’re enjoying life,travel, and the kids (young and older). Did you ever wonder how we ever had time to work?

    Have fun in CA.

  6. Loved the Kindle story! And I’m glad you’re relishing the visit.

  7. Thanks, Mary. It is nice to catch up. Your family has become my family. I feel as if I know them well. Enjoy your stay.

  8. Fun, fun. fun!!! We’re a couple of the luckiest grandmas around. Patrick and Liz had their baby boy a little early (April 30th). He’s so precious. Hoping to get down to Phillie soon. Mia had her 6th Birthday Thursday. Henry has his 8th on Monday. Love to all, Mary

  9. Sorry, don’t send me so much info…tires me out! So glad u r enjoying yourself!

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Yay! I love happy endings. Enjoy!

  11. What a day! You have so much going for you. Enjoy it all! I just bought my first Kindle and can’t wait to set it up.
    Be safe and come home to us sometime, stranger.

  12. We miss you! Much too quiet here. So glad the trip is going well. So glad you have the kindle back!

  13. Lucky ending…yea

  14. Irene Callahan

    So glad you found it! I had the identical experience…….recovered it at the Tampa airport. I don’t trust that it won’t happen again. Rather than risk it I now take only paperbacks. So happy about your positive health report. Hope to see you next Tuesday. Take care. Irene

    Sent from my iPad


  15. So relieved and happy for you for all of this.

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