Going Again?

imageThis time we’re headed for Texas and California.  Calli’s First Communion is next Saturday.  The following week I have a checkup at MD Anderson (always a nail biter but getting easier every time I go) and a visit with my sister, Anne and her husband.  Then it’s back to Erin’s for Lana’s tenth birthday and then on to Sean’s in Los Angeles for five days.  All good…every bit of it.

I went to a memorial service yesterday for a yoga friend. I didn’t know Connie well..just well enough to gab with at yoga some mornings and see at coffee on Fridays at our local hangout.  I did know her enough to know she was good and kind and thoughtful.  But I don’t think I realized how good, how kind, how thoughtful she was.  The people who spoke showed me the real Connie who would always go out of her way to help someone out, to make someone happy, to make sure a lonely woman in a nursing home had company and little gifts, a traveler had someone to welcome him home, a friend had someone to laugh with and shop with, a brother had someone who was there for him no matter what.  Funerals and memorial services always remind me of what really counts in life.  This one was no exception.  So glad I could be there.

I’m going through another kind of mourning at the moment.  One by one the snowbirds are leaving town.  I know, I know…I’m the one who’s never here.  But still, it’s just not fun to hug people goodbye at yoga and book club and the library day after day.  The good thing is I know they’ll be back next winter.   But in the meantime, I’ll miss them.

I’ve been involved in two major projects recently. One was a Shutterfly book for Kate, my dear friend who has glioblastoma.  A labor of love but trust me, it was work.  It consumed me for weeks.  And then I did a slide show for Calli for her First Communion…photos from when she came home from the hospital to our trip to Harry Potter World in March.  Calli picked out the music…two of my favorites…Rachel Platen’s Fight Song and Seasons of Love from Rent…and two I had never heard of. That was a labor of love, too but again, it consumed me for another couple weeks.  Enough computer projects for awhile…except I do need to do the Shutterfly book on our trip to Universal and Harry Potter World…and I do need to work on my own book project.  Does it ever end?

The Good Wife ended…hated the ending…oh well, can’t have everything come out neat and tidy (right, Deirdre?)  I’m reading TaNehisi Coates Between the World and Me…wow!  And listening to Emily Alone by Stewart O’Nan.  Loving both. Emily is around 80 and I’m seeing her as a preview of coming attractions…hmmm.

My letter to kids about how testing isn’t the ONLY thing that matters is surfacing again in the UK and Midwest.  I am still stunned at how it struck a chord with so many people.  The new versions get better and better.  People have really done a nice job with it.  Contrary to popular opinion, I never was anti-testing.  I just am against making it the end all and be all and spending the entire school year getting ready for it and spending big bucks making sure kids do well on it.

Heavenly weather here…not the typical May (unbearably hot).  Just perfect…warm sun, cool breeze, no need for air conditioning.  (Can you tell I love it here?)

Going out to lunch with Mary Anne and another good friend, Diane, tomorrow.  Saw Mary Anne last week…cute new haircut (her chemo never made her lose her hair!) She looks fabulous!

Love to all…hope all the moms out there had a great day yesterday.  I did.

Good friends, good times. Mother's Day Breakfast

Good friends, good times. Mother’s Day Breakfast



6 thoughts on “Going Again?

  1. Mother’s Day breakfast! Now I’m homesick! Miss you all too. Loved your letter.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Henry just made his First Communion on Saturday. Fortunately no Donald Trump moments!
    He looked like a little angel and so handsome. (Spoken like a true Grammy right?) Anyway I had the reception here. Today I’m still recovering. Have fun visiting the gang and keep the good news coming.

  3. Thank you, Mary. Yes, Connie was an amazing person. I knew some good about her and have since learned so much more.
    Have a wonderful trip. Sounds like fun.
    The photo of your Breakfast Club looks like fun. What a nice bunch of folks. We are lucky to have them in our lives.
    I will miss your smiling face. When you get back, turtle season will be in full swing. How nice! Summer is almost here. See you when you get home. Safe travels.

    Love, el

  4. The difference you make in the world that inspires me most to learn from your example is the gift of your writing. Over the years, through your writing, you have educated, consoled, inspired, transformed so many people and you continue to do so. It sounds like your recent efforts will be much appreciated and your travels will be fulfilling. Loved seeing familiar faces in your happy pic.

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Mothers Day breakfast at Croissant and Co? Missing everything about Venice except the lack of grandkids. You guys look terrific! Now that you’re about to travel again, I can look forward to lots of wonderful family pics. Safe travels!

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Do you sleep?

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