It’s STILL winter.  What is this?  Temperatures in the 40s and a brisk wind.  I’m tough but not that tough.  Not sure if I’ll be back to yoga until it warms up a bit.  And I’ve got my fingers crossed that it warms up by the time the Little arrive from Texas next weekend.  Last year the weather was incredibly perfect for their spring break…warm, sunny, absolutely perfect.  But we’ve had years when it’s cold.  The kids don’t seem to mind.  They still go to the beach.  They still go in the water.  They never even blink.

We had another tornado warning in South Venice. I missed it.  I was on Venice island …out to lunch with my friends, Kate and Mary Anne (nothing like getting my two favorite cancer girls together) and it was raining sideways with wind…it was a mess…but the warning a several miles south, down near where our house was.  Jerry had the good sense to head for the closet.  So did my other friends in the area.  Me?  I was downtown totally unaware that things were going nuts a few minutes down the road.

Kate amazes me.   She is so compromised and never gets a break.  Everything that can go wrong does.  Microwave dies, iPhone doesn’t work, med alert necklace malfunctions, Optune device overheats and malfunctions.  What a royal pain. And she just seems to roll with it.  Frustrating, yes.  But still she keeps on plugging.  Me…by now I’d be flipping out.

And then there’s Mary Anne…making a fabulous comeback after her broken hip.  She’s walking without a cane or walker, can drive again and looks as terrific as always.

So when we went out to lunch, I just said to them:  Wonder Woman, say hi to Wonder Woman.

I’m reading a book I really like…Any Bitter Thing by Monica Wood (thanks, Shirley)  It’s by the same author as When We Were the Kennedys which was our book club book last month.  It is so nice to find a great new author.

Jerry and I went to Sarasota today to see a marvelous play…Outside Mullingar.   It was written by John Patrick Shanley who also wrote Guilt.  Good play with great friends.   Honestly, we have never seen a mediocre performance at Florida Studio Theater.  They always knock my socks off.  And the seasons tickets are so inexpensive.

I’ve started going to the Venice Holistic Center for meditation once a week.  We begin with a meditation, then some reading from a book and discussion, then another meditation.  The book is a little deep (or maybe I’m just a little dense)  I need things more concrete, more visual.  Still, I always learn something and walk away filled with such peace.  And I like doing this with a group.  I’ve always done my own reading and meditating on my own.  This has an entirely different “feel” to it.  For one thing, the time goes by much more quickly.  At home, I get “twitchy” after about ten minutes.

Good week ahead.  Book Club, Trivia Night and Dining for Women. Getting together with some of my favorite people.  I am one lucky woman.








3 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Here’s some winter cheer for you. In my darling little town of Conway, we had a Sock Hop tonite. A fine fellow named Mike Haley, organizes family-friendly foolishness for us. Mike was the producer of “League of Their Own” and “Angels in America”. He and his wife have lived in town for years. Tonite young and old danced to 50’s and 60’s music, competed for the most outrageous socks, played musical chairs and had lip-synch contests. Somehow he got me to compete, singing to a Patsy Kline tune! Six year olds break danced and parents swing danced. A long line of young and old did the Macarena. There’s no warm beach and no calming yoga, but we know how to have a good time…while we wait for spring!

  2. Oh, forgot to add that I lip-synched to Patsy Kline, 5 weeks out of knee replacement surgery…with my cane in tow!

  3. Sounds wonderful! You ARE one lucky woman!

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