Valentine’s Day


I continue to be in awe of the people I know who are struggling just to stay alive (let alone live some kind of meaningful life) who consistently are laughing over crazy setbacks and new challenges.  Good Lord, how do they do it?  Grace?  Inner strength?  Prozac?  But I do love the above…some days it must be hard to look on the bright side and we who are on the outside looking in need to be willing to just sit with someone in the dark.  I haven’t had to spend much time sitting with people in the dark and it’s not an easy thing to do, but I’m learning.  I’m learning.

We’re all whining about the cold here…early morning temperatures in the low 40s and wind…(Okay, all you people in New England, please don’t shoot me)  I’ve been a slug this week…skipping yoga (there’s red tide out there too!) and bundled up in a blanket while I read or watch TV.  Pathetic, huh?  But it’s warming up and it’s perfect weather for walking and I’m coming back to life.  How on earth did I survive in Massachusetts for all those years if 40 degrees is COLD? Yoga tomorrow no matter what.

Jerry and I went to see HAIL CAESAR this week with two other couples.  Not impressed.  Dinner afterwards with friends was far more fun. And I read On My Own by Diane Rehm…painfully honest and achingly sad but I’m glad I read it. And now I’m reading City of Thorns by Ben Rawlence about a Somali refugee camp on the Somalia/Kenya border.  (What am I…a masochist?)  And rereading Euphoria by Lily King for book club (good book that I like but don’t love, unlike my dear friend, Deirdre who adores it)

And I’m busy.  Kate is in town with her sister, Fran.  I’m learning how to help with her Optune treatment ( I will not even attempt to explain this to you…google it if you’re curious and/or have a friend with a brain tumor)  Sufficient to say, I am so impressed with myself because I actually understand how to do it.  I’m like an understudy in a play.  I’m not really going to get Kate set up unless all hell breaks loose and her health aide AND her sister can’t do it.  So I go  when the “cap” needs to be changed (every three days) and hand scissors and tape and assorted stuff to her sister, Fran, and tell everyone what a fabulous job they are doing.  We have a lot of laughs (I usually get the tape all messed up) and then congratulate ourselves on how competent we are.  We changed the “arrays” in record time today…40 minutes.  We are good.

And my friend, Mary Anne….you know…the one with lung cancer AND recovering from hip replacement surgery…is doing just fine.  She thinks she’s lucky because her family immediately organized help and her sister, Barbara, a physical therapist, got her started on an exercise regimen that has shown fabulous results.  And when she’s left on her own, she relishes the quiet time.  Right, Mary Anne, you are one lucky woman.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  Jerry gave me roses and new shutters for the house.  I gave him St Patrick’s Day shirts for both of us.  I’ll get someone take our picture in March and put it in the blog.  We met friends for breakfast but dinner will be at home.  We lead such an exciting life.



5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Mary, that was the dearest message. Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day! Sent from my iPad


  2. You are so inspiring I woke up to 10 degrees this morning but it was my granddaughter who woke me so there was light and warmth very blessed week end see you Tuesday love you all

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Deirdre Christman

    I’m sure you’re good at sitting with someone in the dark. Me, I have to ask the person as million questions to find out where the light switch is. As I’ve always said, I’m not kind, just helpful. (In that kind of situation, it’s not helpful, I know.) I’m sure Kate and Fran are both glad to have you as the understudy. Sometimes the understudy DOES go on. I’ll take your picture for St. Patrick’s Day, but it has to be ahead of time because my kids will be here. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mary! (Not a big fan, though, of this Hallmark holiday.)

  4. Fighting my winter/knee surgery recovery blues by planning this year’s Bucket List travel. Using our VISA points to fly to MT for Yellowstone,Glacier, Banff and Jasper in Septmeber. Got plans for taking our teardrop camper to Cape May in the spring and two trips to northern VT in the summer. Another trip to Quebec to see the belugas in the St Lawrence. Cold? What cold?????? Zero? What zero????? I’m in a comfortable state of denial.

  5. There is a certain validation knowing my current state of hibernation is not a character flaw but rather a shared consequence of winter, even for those experiencing a cold snap in Florida. I have spent more hours than I care to admit binge watching on Netflix and chipping away at my long list of books. Coincidentally, I just completed Euphoria last night and thought is was enjoyable but not outstanding. As soon as I turned the last page, I jumped into my next bookclub selection, A Man Called Ove, which I think you enjoyed, so I am excited (wondering if that is the right word for this lethargy I feel) to spend the next few days on the couch dreaming of warmer weather.

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