Early morning on the beach

Early morning on the beach

I love my life.  I love the lazy summers and crazy winters.  They both have their charm.  I’m not sure which I love more.  All I know is I am one lucky woman.

The snowbirds are back.  Yoga is crowded but it is so good to see everyone again. Funny how everyone just picks up where they left off last spring without skipping a beat.  We decide what movies we want to see, who liked the book club selection, where we want to have lunch, who is free for breakfast, who’s going to knitting (no, not I)  who has tried the new restaurant or market or heard any rumors about the new hospital being built in town.  I love it.

But there’s a price to pay for living in Paradise.  I’m so far away from my family and when things go wrong I really feel it.  I’m heading to Massachusetts again next week.  My mom is in a nursing home now and, from what I can gather, is pretty fragile, sleeping a lot but relatively content.  My dad, who just started to slow down in the past year or so, just had a minor stroke.  That’s the reason for my visit.  It is terrible to be so far away. Dad and Annette could use some help.  And my Massachusetts sisters are incredible but they’re all working and their time is limited. It’s just awful. Dad is slowly making progress and they’re adapting to the “new normal” but I want to go up and see them.

Anyway, I’ll go and keep dad company so Annette can get out to appointments.  And hopefully be of some help.  My brother, John, is incredible.  Annette tells me the house never looked so clean, the cars look better (inside and out) than when they bought them.  I told her that I’m going to look like a slug after the wonder guy but I’ll do my best to be of some use.

Life here is pretty full.  My sister, Eileen and I went to the Crow’s Nest for lunch today to celebrate her birthday.  Eileen is living in Port Charlotte and already pretty involved in volunteer work and a boating club (she and her husband sail) and assorted other things.  Quite a trick to find a time we’re both free but we manage to get together at least once a week.

Books…Marcelo in the Real World …loved it (thanks, Jane, for the recommendation)  It’s about a teenager who probably has Asperger’s…beautifully written. And I loved Our Souls at Night…a short little book about an older couple (around my age) that was just beautiful.  And I listened to a Donna Leon mystery.  They’re just fun. And I listened to The Magic Art of Tidying Up.  She’s marvelous (also brutal) Explains exactly how to get rid of all the clutter in your life (Put all your clothing in one place and pick up each thing and ask “Does this bring me joy?” and if the answer is not yes, get rid of it.  Instead, I tried on everything and asked “Does this make me look fat” and if the answer was yes, I got rid of it) I did manage to get rid of some clothes and books…and then quit.  I’ll do the rest another time.

Hot here…the pool water is STILL around 90 and it’s hot on the beach…even at 8:00 am for yoga.  Ridiculous!  Some people hate it.  I think it’s fine.

Love to all…







8 thoughts on “November


    I am good with the hot also! It is warm here, still, tonight- but tomorrow it changes, I guess. Funny, I just finished Souls at Night two days ago, and also liked it a lot. I got it as an audiobook because it was in the “literature” category and available! Now have a Dennis Lehane I never read…can’t think of the name, but about Russian mafia. Hope things are going well, Mary. See you on Tues., but will confer about plan specifics before then. Marie

  2. Life is beautiful! You sound wonderful!!!!! Your mom, dad, and Annette are in my prayers. You, too!

  3. Hi Mary! Sending positive thoughts and prayers! Hope things improve with your mom and dad! 🙂

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Your posts light up the room. Life is good and precious, every day.

    I am sad to hear about your mom and dad. I know your presence will be of great comfort to them and your family there.

    Travel safely,


  5. Love your insights, and love more that your life is rich with people, reading and reflection. Glad you can be there for your parents and siblings. It’s an important time for all of you.

  6. So sorry about your dad and mom. Aging isn’t easy and watching someone else suffer is worse.
    I’ll be thinking of you. xox

  7. Sure do miss you Mary. Will be great if we can all get together for breakfast some Tuesday. Have a good time in MA, I know you’re going to help with your Dad but I’m sure it will be nice seeing everyone again. Yes, it is marvelous down here…I love everyday and what’s not to love?! Have a safe trip and I hope your Dad is ok.
    Be safe my friend, Pam

  8. Lazy summers? ?? I don’t think so!

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