Okay, so I signed up for this Mindfulness Summit for the month of October.  Talks every day online given by some of the best meditation/mindfulness people in the English speaking world.  And, yes, I’m loving it.  Meditating every day, paying attention to my breath, trying NOT to multitask (mighty hard for someone who cannot sit and watch TV without doing something else and can’t go for a walk without my iPod and listening to a podcast or a book)  Anyway, one of the the biggest messages I’ve been hearing the past four days is “Be where you are.”  “Pay attention to what you are doing”  “If you are here, BE here.” “Notice what’s around you.”  (Elin, you say it ALL the time…I just don’t do it)

Ummmm…so how’s that working for me?  Welllll…not so great yesterday.

Jerry and I went to the beach yesterday to do a quick “turtle walk”…Nothing happening on our zone and no “excavations” scheduled…Just going to do a quick check.  We went later than usual..after yoga….and so when we arrived to the parking lot, there were cars in it (unlike the days when we were going around 6:30 AM and no one else was around.) Anyway, to make a long sad story short, I started to head to the end of the lot, realized there were no spaces there and slowly backed up to park at the other end, watching VERY carefully to make sure I didn’t hit any parked cars on my way back.  (Please note there are parking space in this lot only on the right side of the car)  I was also gabbing with Jerry while I backed up.  (what did I say about multitasking???)  Anyway, all of a sudden I heard a CRUNCH…a BIG crunch…and looked to my left, stunned.

Yep, there was this tree that had jumped out and stood in my way on the left and decided to take off my  driver’s side mirror.   It is now hanging by a thread.  So much for paying attention to what I was doing, being where I was, noticing what’s around you (that TREE had no business being the middle of the lot!)

So tomorrow, in between yoga, chiropractor and tutoring,  I need to bring the car in for an estimate and I am so not happy.  Jerry isn’t happy either but he is kind enough not to say much since he knows I already feel terrible about the whole mess.  We’re hoping they can work on it while we’re in New England later on in the week for a memorial service for Jerry’s sister who died in July.

Moral of the story:  Be where you are.  Pay attention to what you are doing.  Do not multitask (talking and driving are multitasking for me). And notice what’s around you…even trees you never noticed before.

Also, you might want to check out the Mindfulness Summit which I think is wonderful (unless you’re afraid it might make you drive into trees on a beautiful Saturday morning)

Love to all…In the great scheme of things, a broken mirror is “small stuff” but it definitely keeps me humble.11232365_10153003635991637_5806243131475129081_n


9 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. Hear you loud and clear. I have a serious rt hamstring injury due to being distracted and hurrying. Tues. after book club, I rushed to mail anniversary card to granddtr. Got out of car talking to friend in passenger seat, didn’t put car in park. It rolled. Tried to catch it. Fell in my sprint. So lucky nothing broken. Mary Ellen steered into parking lot. No one hit or hurt. She couldn’t find emergency brake. A young guy stopped car. To ER.
    X-RAYS. Card not mailed. Oh my do I have deep bruises. BE HERE NOW. BE IN THE MOMENT. ONE THING AT A TIME. Slowly slowly learning.

  2. OOPS! Lu put your story into perspective.

  3. So sorry about the car. It is such a drag to deal with. I too have been focused on mindfulness (though I did not join the summit). Yup, it is a helpful practice. One morning I came into book club and saw someone I hadn’t seen for a while. We were chatting and I broke into tears. (Gosh, will that ever stop?). Anyway she calmly said”I am so sorry about your sister but right now you are here to talk about a book we read. It had an incredible impact on me and I was able to come back to the here and now. So sorry to hear about Gerrys sister and wish you a safe journey

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  4. There are many yoga sutras (sayings with lessons) in your note. First, Everyone and everything is your teacher. The tree in this case. You weren’t listening or practicing your lessons, so you had to learn the hard way. Your life will whisper to you to teach you and if you STILL won’t listen, it will scream. The tree again is your hero. Don’t make lack of focus remind you again or it could be really bad. The tree is your teacher. ❤

  5. Since our brains are wired to make multiple connections at any moment that take us away from the here and now, even in our daydreams, I’m not sure we can ever avoid all accidents, even in a state of mindfulness. For me, it’s consciously taking time to be in the now whether on a walk, looking out my window or sitting silently in our garden and being in the moment in interactions with others, especially family and friends. I’m not sure I can constantly stay in a mindful state, perhaps I should take the seminar someday.

  6. One winter many years ago, Bill’s car was hit by a snowplow in his work’s parking lot. The town of Westfield fixed it and he brought it home, all shiny and fixed and parked it in our driveway – just beyond the spotlight that lights the driveway.
    I had to go out after dark (it was winter after all) to pick up something that I forgot at the grocery store, and I was really mad I had to do it. CRUNCH! I backed right into the side of Bill’s newly fixed car right in the spot that had been repaired. ……………….. I feel your pain! – SiGH! it’s only a car………..but still a pain!

  7. Bad tree…. bad tree…..
    I’m going to check out the Mindfulness program you mentioned!! sounds amazing. Best to you and Jerry, and I was delighted to read your good news on your tests!!! Driving to Florida during first week of November… will you be home then?

  8. But you WERE paying attention. It was just bad luck. I feel for you, though. What a pain!

    I think one of the reasons I like photography so much is that you really, really have to pay attention.

  9. Okay, Mary, I need lessons from you! I can’t sit still, can’t stop multi-tasking, can’t watch TV without doing something else (knitting, usually, which is soothing at least)… so it looks like I too am a good candidate for mindfulness. You have to let me know how it goes. I keep thinking I’ll fail at it 🙂

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