NEC …how lucky can one woman get?

Yesterday was blood work and a CT scan.  It’s always a long day but this time they must have been moving along…only 30 minute wait for blood and the CT scan was early.  We were in and out of there in record time.

And today, Dr. Ho was early.  And all was well (except I’ve gained about six pounds and that doesn’t make me happy)  I’ll be going back next May and then he’ll stretch it out to a year.  Pretty amazing, I think. And I am so aware these days of the many people who are NOT getting good news at the doctor.  It makes me all the more grateful…for all of you, for the doctors here at MD Anderson, for the many people who’ve prayed and been with me every step of the way.  I’ve been cancer free for 18 months…and plan to stay that way for a long, long time.

I was listening to a podcast of a TED talk yesterday.  Evidently there are people working on a blood test that will detect cancer activity VERY early.  The presenter expects it to be part of a normal yearly checkup in about three years.  He said he envisions a day in the not too distant future when cancer will be seen as possibly a chronic disease but not a fatal one…not good news (like diabetes) but something you can get treated and live with and live a long happy life.  One of the wonderful things about this research is that they aren’t keeping it secret.  They’re sharing their findings every step of the way and researchers all over the world are using it and moving forward.  Three years…can you imagine?

Below are a couple photos my brother-in-law took on Padre.  One thing I didn’t like about the island is that they allow people to drive on the beach.  People park their cars, pickups and RVs along the beach and are all set for the day.  Ruins my view!  Anyway, the tide came in pretty far on Sunday morning and we were fascinated as we watched the RV sink deeper and deeper in the sand and water.

It will NEVER get out, I thought.  Not without a serious towing job.  But the owner just waited till the tide receded and drove away.

There must be some message in that …good things happen to those who wait….be patient, things will turn out just fine…No matter how deep you might sink, you may just be able to drive away if you  keep your cool.  Whatever…they did it.  But I still don’t like cars on the beach!



15 thoughts on “NEC …how lucky can one woman get?

  1. Such good news!

  2. Yes, good things do come to those who wait!
    NEC is GREAT news! And as for those 6 pounds, I’m sure you enjoyed every pound, as you ate all that delicious food when you guys were traveling! Small price to pay… 🙂

  3. YES!,YES, YES!

  4. So happy to hear your wonderful news!

  5. What wonderful news!!! Am so happy for you, and don’t worry about gaining a few pounds, my dear, you can use them!!

  6. Excellent news!!! You deserve all the blessings that come your way!!!!

  7. Mary, great news but I didn’t expect anything less. See you this fall.

  8. Congratulations, Mary! Here’s to many more years of cancer-free results…bravo!!!!

  9. Tidings of great joy for all those who love you (many of us).

  10. Mary-Such good news! And may it continue!

    I don’t like cars on the beach either. I think they are allowed at Daytona Beach—but it was a very long time ago when I saw them there and was appalled.


  11. Good way to rust out the bottom of your car, not to mention damage your tires.  Proves that those who park on the beach are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch!

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  12. Hooray!!!! xo
    And kudos to the docs who are sharing all their research. Chronic is so much better than “how long?”…
    This is the same good news with prostate cancer and I hope it extends to many others as well.
    Glad you are feeling well!
    PS I hate cars on the beach!

  13. I’m so happy that you passed all your tests…..hurray! And you certainly could use those extra pounds!
    Certainly an answer to prayers! Looking forward to seeing you soon. We have only 6 nests left!
    Safe travels, Pam

  14. Love getting the great result news from you. I will continue sending positive thought your way, way into the future. You’ll make a perfect great grandma.
    The medical news sounds so promising and hopeful. I think the cure rate is so much higher when caught early. A yearly test sounds like the best way to beat this beast.
    Some Nantucket areas also allow vehicles on the beach. Terrible way to spoil the joy of a perfect beach day.

  15. Wonderful news! It is such a joy to hear how our collective belief that you would beat the odds made miracles happen. I continue to believe you have many, many more sunsets to savor.

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