One Week Home

Table for Sale in Bavaria

Table in the marketplace in Bavaria

I’m going to put in some photos from the trip.  There were so many that I didn’t share when we were away.  I absolutely loved this trip but oh, I am loving being home.  I love waking up in my own bed, going to yoga or turtle patrol, having breakfast and lunch with friends, floating in the pool in the afternoon. On Sunday I went to Eileen’s in Port Charlotte for breakfast.  We read the paper, relaxed by the pool and gabbed.  Jerry was golfing; Jim was working.   Just the girls.  Oh  yes, I love this life.

But I’m off again…Eileen and I are heading north to visit family and friends.  We’re leaving tomorrow morning (after turtle patrol!).  We’ll stay at dad’s and have time to see my mom, my Massachusetts sisters and my Vermont brother.  And I’ll manage some quick visits with good friends, too.

And I’ll be at Mont Marie for an afternoon.  Fifty years ago, 57 young women entered the Sisters of St Joseph on September 15.  Now, this coming Sunday, six of those women will celebrate their Golden Jubilee and I know a good number of the ones who “left” will be there to celebrate with them.  I remember when we thought the nuns celebrating their Golden Jubilee were really, really OLD.  Ha!  They aren’t all that old at all.  I can’t wait to see them.  We were all so young and naive and so full of dreams and hopes fifty years ago…and you know, we may not have all ended up as Sisters of St Josept but we’ve all turned out just fine.

Jerry and I went to see “A Walk in the Woods” the other night with friends, Martha and Ernie.  The four of us couldn’t stop laughing.  We just loved it.  If you get a chance, go see it.  It’s wonderful.

I reread Left Neglected by Lisa Genova this weekend. My dear friend, Kate, who has glioblastoma has big trouble remembering she has a left side.  Her sister’s description of Kate’s plate at the end of a meal reminded me of Genova’s book.  It was as if there were a line drawn down the center of the plate and all the food on the left was still there.  Kate’s tumor is in the right side of her brain so it affects everything controlled by that side.  In Left Neglected, one of the therapists comments to the main character who had been in an accident and had a dramatic brain injury, “Good thing it was the right side. If it had been the left side, you wouldn’t be able to talk!”  Can’t imagine Kate not talking!  Guess if she has to have a brain tumor, it’s a good thing it’s on her right side.  (Does she have to have a brain tumor?)

Mary Anne, by the way, is doing well.  We went out to lunch on Friday and she looks terrific.  She’s busy getting ready for her daughter’s wedding in late October and she just glows.  She does sleep a lot (Be careful what you wish for, she told me.  I couldn’t wait to retire and be able to stay in bed whenever I wanted.)

I hope everyone has enjoyed this nice long weekend.  Today it’s been pretty rainy around here.  It didn’t ruin any of our plans (to clean the house and pack for a trip) but I know many of you had plans for parades, beach and boating and it just wasn’t the day for that.  Hopefully you were able to enjoy the other two days of the weekend!

Be to all.  Here are a few more photos from the trip.

This was the cutest kid in the marketplace

This was the cutest kid in the marketplace

Biggest holy water font I ever saw

Biggest holy water font I ever saw

Tried the beer in every German town

Beer on the sundeck while cruising down the Danube

Typical German lunch

Typical German lunch


6 thoughts on “One Week Home

  1. Deirdre Christman

    How wonderful that you’ll be celebrating the sisters’ golden jubilee! I’m sure they’ll really appreciate having you back. Have a wonderful trip, and then come home and relax. Can’t wait to get back there!

  2. Love your photos from “the trip”! Jerry seems to be enjoying the German lunch . Have a safe and happy time on your next journey.
    Keeping Kate in our prayers!

  3. I appreciate your mindfulness in all you do and enjoy reading your reflections. Safe travels and wonderful visits. Remember you have a place to stay if you ever make it to the cape. I miss talking with you.

  4. What a life! I’m so glad you’re enjoying both sides of the Atlantic.

  5. Can’t wait to see you! I enjoy your blog so much!

  6. Loved Left Neglected. Just read The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro. I would highly recommend it. I know you will be crazy busy when you come up north but let me know if you have time to grab a bite to eat while you are here.

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