Sunrise in Budapest

Sunrise in Budapest

Up at 2;45 AM yesterday!  And the Viking crew, amazing as always, was ready with breakfast and cheery good mornings and wishes for a safe trip home.  How do they do it?  Do they ever sleep?  Do they ever get a break?  Mae, our friend from the Philippines with the one year old, had been serving drinks in the lounge when we went to bed the night before and was pouring our coffee at 3:00am.

They have the whole thing down to a science.  Based on our flight schedule, people left their luggage outside their rooms at different times (with color coded tags) and were bussed to the airport with a Viking crew member who made sure your boarding pass was printed and got you in the right line to check your luggage.  We’ll be able to go on these trips forever. I swear you could have dementia and still manage because they take care of everything.

The trip home was absolutely fine.  We weren’t looking forward to it.  We flew from Budapest to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Tampa.  Too many possibilities for problems…missed connections, lost luggage, problems with customs.  But there were no problems anywhere.  Everything went like clockwork.

So we’re home…tired (we were up for 23 hours traveling, slept a little bit but not much on the plane) but happy.  LOVED the trip.  Would do it again in a flash.  And if you’re thinking of doing a Viking cruise, I urge you to do it (but get in touch with me first…I learned a few “dos” and “don’t dos” along the way).

Laundry, grocery shopping, going through a couple weeks of mail and breakfast with friends…We’re back!



10 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Welcome home! So happy you had such a wonderful trip. Paul, Trevina & I had lunch at San Marco….excellent. They, of course, had been there before & knew everyone’s name! Restaurant has an excellent menu…maybe we should consider doing lunch instead of breakfast while our usual haunts are closed. See u soon.

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  2. Mary, I feel as though I’ve been on your trip with you. Your writing and pictures have been wonderful. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound.

  3. We are leaving torrow afternoon. Thx for all your helpful notes

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  4. Welcome home! So glad that everything went smoothly. That’s quite a fete in the travel world these days.

  5. Welcome home, loved traveling with you those last 2 weeks. See you in October. Joy

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  6. You must be exhausted and kudos for just going ahead and doing it. On our bucket list for sure. I want to do Scandanavia!
    Rest up from your vacation…

  7. Mary and Jerry so glad you are home, and thank you for taking me on your spectacular river trip. I read every blog and felt like I was walking through the churches with you and drinking a few of those beers. See you soon!

  8. Welcome Home my friend! Maybe a nap would help? So glad you had a wonderful time!
    See you tomorrow on the beach!

  9. Welcome home!! Loved hearing about your travels, sounded spectacular!

  10. Glad you’re home! Missed you !

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