Parliament in Budapest at night

Parliament in Budapest at night

Oh my, I never dreamed Budapest could be so beautiful.  We arrived about 11:00 last night and I think everyone was on the top deck, eating, drinking, laughing, singing and oooing and ahing over the stunning lights as we slowly floated into town.  The buildings are lit up and the bridges are too.  And I don’t think people sleep in Budapest…lots of fun on the river, anyway.

We’re just about done.  Toured Budapest this morning.  What a hard time Hungary has had…from the Nazis to the Communists.  It’s a  miracle they’ve come so far.  This afternoon we went to the Central Market, had a Hungarian lunch and wandered around picking up a few final things…a hat for Jerry, a wallet for me (from Italy???) some things for the kids and even something for a non-existent grandchild who isn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye at the moment.

We didn’t want to quit.  It was a last day.  But honestly the heat and walking was doing us in.  We stopped for some ice cream and to watch the world go by for awhile (ended up sitting next to a young couple from Dallas, Texas who are in London for work for a couple years and making the most of this time to tour Europe whenever they have some days off.)  And then we headed back to the ship shortly after 3:00 and collapsed (loving the air conditioning on the ship!)

We’ve met some lovely people on board.  Some we’ll see again because they’re from the west coast of Florida.  Some we hope will come see us like Doug and  Ruth from Vancouver.  And some, I supposed, we’ll never see again.  Still each one has enriched our lives and we’re grateful.

All packed…well almost all packed.  We leave the ship at 3:15 am and if all goes well we’ll be arriving in Venice at about 8:30 pm tomorrow night.  Whew…long day traveling, especially with the time change.

Here are a few pictures that I FINALLY got loaded onto the ipad!

Top of the hill by Matthias Church...

Top of the hill by Matthias Church…

one bridge on the Danube in Budapest

one bridge on the Danube in Budapest

Sculpture in Vienna...the futility of war

Sculpture in Vienna…the futility of war

Merry go round in Vienna (yuk)

Merry go round in Vienna (yuk)

Stateroom on the ship

Stateroom on the ship


9 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Loved Budapest!!!!

    Did/can you get to the synagogue? The tree of rembrance is incredible. Also the memorial on the quai is sooooo moving. (The shoes)

    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Just knew you’d love it ! Great pictures!

  3. The worst part of the end of a wonderful trip is realizing that this great adventure is over. But, somehow, the elation of it all, makes the long trip home a bit more bearable. Be safe……

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the photo of you and Jerry!
    You both look so happy and healthy, and the colors are rich and vibrant.
    Glad you had this opportunity; and I thank you heartily for my vicarious trip!
    Now go home and rest. 🙂

  5. How wonderful it has benn following along on your trip! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it this week.

  6. Beautiful pics-thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Safe travels home!🐢 Gayle

  7. Wow…what a trip! You saw and did soooo much! You’ve gotta be tired! So glad you were able to experience it all and meet so many great people! Have a safe trip home my friend!

  8. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What a trip!! I have loved the photos and descriptions. Often, I am reminded that my living in the USA as a white person of privilege, is through no action of my own. My ancestry could have taken me elsewhere to a less desirable environment and life. We are so fortunate!

    Safe travels!!


  9. The joy of your adventure shines on your faces. Safe travels.

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