My friend, Deirdre, gave me a mug when I was diagnosed with cancer that said, “Life is all about how you handle Plan B”. We’ve seen the staff on the Viking “roll with the punches” and handle Plan B over and over the past few days. Because of a draught in Central Europe, water levels on the rivers have been dangerously low. Getting through shallow areas before it was impossible to do so(water level keeps dropping day by day) and making sure all the passengers who paid good money for this trip get all they were promised, has taken some very fancy footwork, rescheduling concert tickets, sailing on and then busing us back to places, providing lunch in town instead of back on the ship, extra freebies…they are killing themselves to make us happy.

Today was probably my least favorite day and even then it was fine.  We sailed to Bratislava during the night after the concert in Vienna and then took an hour bus ride this morning back to Vienna. That was fine. Loved the ride..saw hundreds of modern windmills along the way, beautiful countryside.  The  guided tour of Vienna was good.  (Favorite fact about Austria…at one time they had a huge empire NOT because they won land in wars but because they married to annex countries.  And it worked quite well…not sure how the marriages worked but Austria ruled a lot of Europe at one time) There’s a lot going on here these days as representatives of many European countries meet in Vienna to try to find ways to deal with immigration crisis.  We saw cars coming in escorted by police…busy time

Lunch was less than dazzling…no one’s fault.  Usually we go back to the ship for lunch or get it on our own in town. Since we were so far from the ship, we had lunch in Vienna and Viking paid the bill.  The problem was that serving two hundred people lunch (even with 24 hours notice) is a bit of a challenge. Service was painfully slow even with servers working as fast as they could and Viking program people pitching in.  It was loud and the solution seemed to be to just keep giving us more beer till they could get food on the table. Three hours later (okay so maybe it was two hours) we were off to explore Vienna…and because it was so late a lot of  people just headed back to the ship.  Jerry and I went to an art museum that had some Monets I had never seen before as well as some other artists I just loved and had never heard of.  Lovely afternoon and good dinner back on the ship so the day turned out just fine.   But honestly, I really would have loved to skip lunch.

We could have used more time in Vienna.  There was a church (yes, ABC) I wanted to check out but that’s okay. All the more reason to come back another time !

No pictures this time.  They won’t load.  Internet has been less than spectacular  on this otherwise spectacular ship

Only two more days until we leave  Flying home on Sunday





3 thoughts on “Vienna

  1. Perhaps you had seen the Monets and heard of the other artists😅 what with all those beers😍

    Antrese McColgan Center School


  2. Wow, the waters are so low! I talked to someone else who said her cruise was canceled due to low or no water! Too bad about lunch but I’m sure it was tasty! With all that gold in the churches no wonder people put Catholicism down huh?! Should all be melted down and feed a million homeless people! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. It really is amazing how the cruise companies do this. Last year we had too much water! The rivers were so high that the ships couldn’t get under the bridges, so we missed seeing Basel because the ship couldn’t get down there. When we arrived, we had to get a bus to the next city.
    We also had a too long dinner one night in a small town….. and because I have a nut allergy everyone else was served and was done eating before my meal arrived. (We still have the little sign by my plate – “Not Nuts” – my kids disagree!) But you are SO RIGHT = they try their best to give us a wonderful experience.
    Keep having fun – it’s a trip of a lifetime! xo

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