ABC (another bloody church)

Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey

Better to say “another beautiful church” but honestly, these churches amaze and appall me. They are positively gorgeous.  The painted ceilings, the sculptures, the altars loaded with gold and silver …it’s breathtaking. And shocking. And no so shocking.  But it does make me understand a bit better why Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door saying, “enough is enough”.

Last night was Austrian night on board.  The help staff dressed up in traditional costumes, we were serenaded by two gentlemen during dinner and there were delicious Austrian dishes to sample on the buffet.  They passed out schnapps and it turns out no one at the table liked them except me.  I couldn’t let them go to waste so let’s just say I was very mellow last night(but not so far gone that I couldn’t make a couple paper cranes and email a friend a list of possible books for her book club in Maryland).

Today we visited the Benedictine Abbey in Melk…impressive fortress on a hill and yes, I was impressed (wondered how priests who made a vow of poverty could build such a thing but what do I know)   Loved the library…all those ancient books so well cared for. And, yes, I loved the church as much as I didn’t love it.  These churches seem to be singing for joy, triumphant and glorious, celebrating the power of good over evil.   Am I making any sense at all?

And we went into.Vienna for a Strauss/Mozart concert tonight. Positively magnificent.  And tomorrow we wander around Vienna.  Only a few more days left and they’re flying by.



Dinner Austrian night

Dinner Austrian night

Church ceiling ...can't remember which one

Church ceiling …can’t remember which one


4 thoughts on “ABC (another bloody church)

  1. The epitome – art, architecture, music, food, friends, travel, health …wonderful, Mary.

  2. I have so many pics of amazing and more amazing churches too – I will never remember where they were, but I love looking at the pictures!

  3. That’s why I keep a journal. But now I really should go thru all of the pics and label each!?! Maybe the next rainy day……. Keep safe.

  4. Is it the contradiction between the church’s extreme wealth throughout history and the prerpetual existence of poverty amongst the people that church teachings profess to serve?

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