St Peter's Cathedral

St Peter’s Cathedral

This was yesterday.  I could write but the Internet wasn’t strong enough to load pictures.

Lovely day but my heart was in Flower Mound, Texas where the three Littles were heading off for school.  Declan, especially, was on my mind.  He started  kindergarten today.   I woke up thinking about the kids (who, of course were still sound asleep…it might have been 7:00 am Germany time but it was midnight in Texas.)

Remembrance Tiles

Remembrance Tiles

When we got back to the ship after  touring Regensburg, I texted Erin “Well????  How were they?  Everyone gone?”  She had JUST dropped them off and even though I was impatient for pictures, she was going to have a quiet cup of coffee before she got the pictures on Facebook.  And even now, at 7:30 PM, they’re still not home from school…This time difference is killing me!

The guides all say similar things.   Either “We were lucky.  We missed the bombing and still have our ancient buildings and we’ll take you to see them.”  or “Many of our buildings were destroyed during WW II and some have been restored.  We’ll take you to see them.”  Today’s cathedral was lovely but honestly, nothing beats the cathedral in Cologne.  It blew me away.  This city has been around a LONG time…since the Romans …and there are a few remnants of their work here.

We followed the guide who was pretty dry (flat, one of our friends said).  I didn’t mind it.  I love the guides who are funny and lively but they’re all good.   I’m pretty uncritical, I guess.  If they don’t get lost, seem to know what they’re talking about and I can take away a couple new things, I’m  a happy camper.

One of the pictures I took was of gold tiles among the cobblestones on the street.  They’re remembrance tiles for Jews who were taken from their homes during the Nazi reign of terror.

Why on the street?  someone always asks.

So you’ll have to bend down to see them and read them, our guide told us.

In the afternoon, we relaxed on the sundeck.  It’s gotten warmer every day and today everyone was searching for a chair in the shade.  I found one and read for a bit and then fell asleep as we cruised down the river to our next destination.  There were families on the river with their kids and dogs…swimming, camping, sunning themselves.  And someone in a powerboat zipped by with a huge tube attached with two kids in it having the time of their lives.

Some of our friends headed out after supper to wander around the town.  We should have gone.  We need to walk off these decadent meals.  But instead we headed back to our room.  There’s music in the lounge tonight (there is every night) but I doubt we’ll get to that either.  I should be wide awake after my nap but I’m almost ready for bed!

Epilogue:  I did get to the lounge!  Spectacular singers who did parts of one of Mozart’s operas and some songs from Sound of Music …extraordinary!

New fad....all the young people are dressing in traditional costumes for every little festival

New fad….all the young people are dressing in traditional costumes for every little festival

Been lighting candles in every church we go into

Been lighting candles in every church we go into

Schlindler came from Regensburg

Schlindler came from Regensburg


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  1. Mary, enjoying all your posts and pics. Beautiful & informative to me I love jeRnong new things. Lu

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