In the bookstore

In the bookstore



Bishop's Residenz through a gap in the garden

Bishop’s Residenz through a gap in the garden

This was a day of churches   There are 45 in Wurzburg  we only managed to visit three   In the first one, Jerry and I were sitting quietly resting our feet and praying for the people we’ve had on our minds all during this trip when we heard a hoarse whisper from behind us:  we are praying for those people sitting in front of us

We turned around to find friends from the ship…laughed and when we left they were still there    Still praying for us  I think

Another guide with an incredible sense of humor.  You had to pay attention…everything …facts and jokes were said in the same tone of voice. Early in the tour, she pointed out a church way up high on a hill across the river.

Catholics, she explained, have to go up all 200 steps on their knees..  The rest of you can take the bus.

Another church had shops on the ground floor…all different kinds of shops.  There have always been shops there, she said. To help support the church. But they don’t sell rosaries and Bibles and holy cards any more.  They wouldn’t make any money.

  • The Ratskeller…a local pub next door to the town hall.   Our politicians need to drink before they make important decisions.   And then they have to go in after the meeting to celebrate the decisions they made.


    Mae and Mary

Before we left on our tour today, I chatted with the bartender, a young woman named Mae.  She’s from the Phillippines and won’t be going home until after the new year.

You must miss your family, says I.

Oh yes, she says, especially my little boy. My mother and sisters are taking care of him.

She must have seen the horrified look I tried to hide.

It’s okay.  Someone has to make some money. It never would have worked for me to stay home. My sisters are still in school. And I love my job. And I’m seeing the world.

Do you see your baby (he’s one) on Skype?   I asked.

All the time. He doesn’t talk yet but I watch him.

What kind of world is this where a young mom is clear across the world from her baby because she has to make money to support her family.  And what an amazing woman…cheerfully accepting what is…I have had it so easy.

I was going to skip dinner tonight.  Everyone is complaining about the food. It is too good and there is too much of it.  Anyway, I was going to skip dinner but one of the offerings is surf and turf. I’ll skip dessert (for the rest of my life) and I’ll skip dinner tomorrow.

Getting ready to go ashore.

Getting ready to go ashore.

In the garden

In the garden


7 thoughts on “Wurzburg

  1. Wurzburg– I mostly remember the hospital ! Glad your trip is going well!

  2. The food is too good and there’s too much of it? Sign me up!

    Hope your prayers are working.

  3. Enjoyed today’s stories. Recommendation: Skip the skipping.

  4. I love following your trip, Mary. The trip of a lifetime. I am so pleased for you both. We are holding down the fort on the beach. Not too hard a job! Have fun!

  5. Well you both must feel very holy tonight! The churches are beautiful I bet and to think how old!
    Did you pick up one of those books for your kids? Interesting! Your trip must be about coming to a close..you certainly have seen and done a lot….so happy for you both! You have lots to tell us and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  6. Hee hee! Love the church story! Keep enjoying! And I agree with Mary – skip the skipping. You can skip meals you have to cook yourself when you get home 😉 !

  7. Totally enjoyed this post! I am so impressed with how funny these guides are, even after doing this day after day. Looking forward to reading more!

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