Street in Miltenburg

Street in Miltenburg

Honestly I love the pace of this trip.  Yes, there are some days when we’re on the go from morning till night.  But most days are much easier.  I didn’t roll out of bed until

out This morning we were still cruising on the Main heading for Miltenburg. And I FINALLY understand how locks work.  I remember learning about them in the fifth grade and just not understanding them.  Here, with the help of a You Tube video and some real life visuals, I think I get it.

AFter lunch we ventured into Miltenburg,  a tiny town in Bavaria.  We’ve had some wonderful guides but the one today was the best so far.  She was hilarious. She clearly enjoyed her job and was a born story teller.  I just wish i could remember what had us laughing so much.

One story she told that wasn’t funny was about some neo-Nazis coming into the town back in the 90s all ready for a fight.  And the  men in the town wanted to give them exactly what they were looking for. The noise of angry voices got louder and louder until the local priest (whom everyone loved) went in to the church and rang every bell in the steeple.  The bells were so loud, no one could hear anything else and the crowd dispersed.

But, of course, the guide said shrugging her shoulders, we all know what happens to good priests when they save a town.

They transfer them, I said.

No, she said, they made him a bishop. (and he moved away)

Jerry and I wandered around after the official tour..climbed a hill for a good view of the town, went up and down cobblestone streets and checked out the little shops along the way.   Lots of people came back to the ship loaded with bags.  Others had tried some of the local beer and tasty bakery treats.  Frankly I don’t know how they could put one more thing in their stomach.   We should have skipped lunch if we wanted to eat in town.  Manybe we’ll do that tomorrow.

One of the women we met (and English teacher) has been keeping a blog too.  She’s a great writer and I’m loving reading her pieces each day.  She did a good one yesterday on the “Dos and Don’ts of Traveling”  If I have time I’ll steal that idea.  it was great.

We were in two lovely churches today.   Jerry lit a candle for Kate, Frani and Mary Anne.

Well, well, well…internet is just fine tonight.  I may actually get this done and out to you in record time.  Let’s see if I can load some pictures.

View of the town from the top of the hill

View of the town from the top of the hill

  1. Miltenburg Square

    Miltenburg Square

    Selfie outside a shop

    Selfie outside a shop

    Loved this table..didn't buy it

    Loved this table..didn’t buy it


6 thoughts on “Miltenburg

  1. love your selfie!!!

  2. Great picture of you and Jerry. Good color choices. I love, love , the window boxes in the square!
    I sense “locks” are becoming a theme in your blog.

  3. Guess you should’ve known me when I lived in Lockport…we knew about locks when we were born!
    I think I would’ve had to have had something from the bakery no matter how full I was! Love those sweets! Glad things have slowed down…much more rnjoyable I’m sure! Keep having a great time!

  4. Looks like this is the perfect trip for you: history, beautiful scenery, great food and wonderful fellowship. So happy for you!

  5. Loved your “Selfie Outside a Shop”. You both look so relaxed and happy!

  6. What’s the link to the other woman’s blog? Not that I don’t love yours, Mom!

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