1. Locks


    Cologne Cathedral

    Cologne Cathedral

    What a magnificent cathedral!  As our guide said, it was obvious we were at he beginning of our tour. Travelers heading from Budapest to Amsterdam hit Cologne at the end of their journey and by then they’ve had enough of cathedrals. We, on the other hand, were blown away. We just loved it

According to tradition this cathedral has relics of the three kings who arrived in Bethlehen after Jesus was born. Of course several other places ALSO claim to have the same relics so who knows where they really are. Still, there’s a huge golden tabernacle on the altar for the relics. So, fine Catholic girl that I am, I asked the guide where the tabernacle for the hosts was.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  Don’t get me wrong…he was a wonderful guide, funny, informative and interesting but I do think if you are going to bring tourists into a cathedral day after day you should know a bit about Catholic ritual…

He did give us a wonderful overview of the city and some good suggestions on how to spend our afternoon. We didn’t go back to the ship for lunch but ate on a brauhaus in town instead. I had a few beers (they like beer cold and bring it in little glasses) and bratwurst and sauerkraut and potatoes …perfect. And it was obviously a place where the locals ate.  Plenty of families, one with their dog and young people busy texting and not talking to each other. And then we walked and we walked and we walked.  And it was NOT raining   And it was not cold

We crossed a bridge to the other side of the Rhine and rode an elevator up a tower for a fabulous view of the city and the cathdral. But honestly, I think the best thing of the day for me were the locks on the bridge. I have no idea how the custom began but couples began locking a padlock on the mesh wire on the bridge and throwing the key into the Rhine as a symbol of their undying love.  There are thousands of them on the bridge …some marked with Sharpies with the couples names, most etched in the lock.  If we had seen a shop selling them we would have done it. Too bad…maybe if we come again we’ll bring a lock.  Nice day  we are loving this trip

Locks on the bridge

Locks on the bridge


Loved the beer

Loved the beer

Entrance to the Cathedral

Entrance to the Cathedral


10 thoughts on “Cologne

  1. Deirdre Christman

    I couldn’t wait to get home today to see your post! I’m glad your weather has improved and you’re having such a great time. Every day is bound to bring something new and wonderful.

  2. Wow! I’m jealous! So happy you are enjoying the trip. I have so many good memories!

  3. And to think, they took down all the lovers padlocks in Paris. My brother and sister in law put one on and now it’s gone! Miss you. Turtles was very uneventful this morning so you just continue having a wonderful time!

  4. Wow! I’m jealous! So happy you are enjoying the trip. The cathedrals took my breath away! Read a book in college called , THE CATHEDRAL BUILDERS. Really captures my imagination!

  5. I am so happy you are enjoying your trip. For me, it brings back memories from my days traveling around Europe. Enjoy! Be safe!

  6. So glad it was a good weather day! Your comments on the tour guide made me laugh!

  7. Locks are a cool visual. Gotta appreciate the art and the sentiment. ( Weight a little scary.)


    Good to see you and Jerry relaxed and happy! Love, Marie

  9. The entrance to the Cathedral is overwhelming.

  10. I agree about tour guides. I’m always full of questions (how else does one learn) and am impressed with the guides that can answer them. Do you get to evaluate them?

    When you’re in Chicopee, there’s an awesome German ‘brauhaus’ that we recommend very highly. Lots of German beer on tap. Take care……….

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