Windmill in Kinderdyke

Windmill in Kinderdyke

Shoe rack in the windmill

Shoe rack in the windmill

parent's bed in the windmill

parent’s bed in the windmill

Lounge on board the Eistla

Lounge on board the Eistla


Leaving Amsterdam

We left Amsterdam about midnight last night and traveled through the night to Kinderdyke.  I took a few pictures as we moved out of the city (yes, I was clue why). This morning we left the ship to check out these famous windmills that pumped water for centuries so that the people here could continue to live here.

It was POURING rain. It was cold and raw.  At times the rain was coming sideways.  It was an adventure. WE went into a windmill that had been home for a family with thirteen kids.  Not an easy life. Thirteen kids in a very small space and on days like this they must have driven each other and their parents crazy.  The poor mom…one day the littlest one went running outside and when she reached to grab her before she fell into the canal, she was hit by the turning windmill and killed. As I said..not an easy life.

We heard a lot about how the windmills work.  I won’t say I LEARNED a lot.  I did try to make sense of it all but my brain has been on vacation.  Sufficient to say, it was pretty impressive and it did work for centuries…now they gas and electric pumpers.

As soon as we got back to the ship, I peeled off wet shoes and socks and got a hot cup of cappucino.  This was a travel day and shortly after we were all back on board, we set off for Cologne.  Great day, gray day. Safety drill…how DO you put on those life preservers?  I did not put it on backwards (I remember doing that once).  Then there was a presentation on extras –optional tours (we decided to do a WW II tour of Nuremburg and the Mozart concert in Vienna.  No extra palaces or climbs on church towers or pub crawls.) These are a small addition to the already busy schedule.

And I took a nap.  Jerry stayed up and read but I havent really slept since I left Venice.  I did sleep this  afternoon and now I feel really human again.  And tomorrow our tour doesn’t start until 10:30.  We won’t even have to set the alarm.

The food is decadent.  I guess it’s this way on every cruise.  Wine with lunch and dinner, everything from soup to nuts…I’m going to weigh two hundred pounds when I leave unless I learn some portion control.  That’s been my plan…try everything but just a little….but when it’s good and I don’t pay attention, I look down and everything on the plate is gone. WE could easily skip lunch but I doubt we will.

Note to anyone doing the cruise.  Bring some sweaters and long pants even if you think you won’t need them.  I have one white, lightweight jersey jacket that I’ve worn constantly since we came on baord.  A long sleeve shirt or sweater would have been fine if  I had brought some but I didn’t.  I was smart enought to bring two pairs of sneakers…good thing since I doubt the first pair will be dry by tomorrow when we head out again.

Forecast for tomorrow…sunny and 68 degrees.  It will be marvelous to see the sun.



11 thoughts on “Kinderdyke

  1. Wow. Wasn’t it just a year ago you were trying to keep weight on you?? Have a wonderful time.

  2. Only you could describe pouring rain coming down sideways as an adventure. If you could bottle your positive spirit, you’d make a fortune – and I’d be your most reliable customer. Glad you’re seeing interesting sights and having fabulous meals. I don’t think I’d worry about eating too much, Mary. Remember when you could hardly eat a thing?!!!! Well, now you deserve to treat yourself. As you reach for yet another dessert, just think of me. I’m there in spirit, and I wouldn’t think of denying myself.

  3. I love all the lines, curves, and textures in your windmill photo. Pretty enough to hang in a (Van Gogh) museum! Keep enjoying, keep posting and keep eating all that delicious food!

  4. This is so exciting…safe trip home too. And eat a lot for all of us! You can always take double yoga 😜

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  5. Wendie Highsmith

    What a wonderful trip!! What great photos!


  6. Wow…looks marvelous! Don’t you worry about’re too thin anyway! Sounds like a wonderful trip…too bad about the rain….it’s pouring here right now too! So glad you got a nap in now maybe you can more human again! Enjoy and take lots of pictures so we can share!

  7. I think I could use that shoe rack!!! I have 4 grandchildren (Keira’s here from Phillie) dropping shoes in the middle of the floor. Wherever they land it’s fine with them.

  8. Dean & I traveled to Kinderdyck two years ago on Viking. Loved it. When we arrived, I saw that in order to get the shot with all the windmills in in the right light I had to go all the way to the end. Dean said no way as it was at least a few miles. So I rented a bike built around the beginning of the century and covered in rust. I managed not to run over anyone but did get to the end. I did get my shot with. Momma goose with about 20 chicks in the foreground. Too sweet.
    Glad you are enjoying. Eat away and be pampered!

  9. Loving taking this vicarious journey in your blog. Thanks!

  10. What a wonderful trip!! I loved Amsterdam when I went years ago, especially the canals. My philosophy when on vacation (especially when in Europe) is eat up!! Enjoy the chocolates, pastries, local cuisine, etc. etc. And, you my friend, can easily afford to indulge, 🙂

  11. You both do so deserve this adventure. You’re going to discover that life is very different from what we’re used to. There is so much history (a really long time ago) and cultural differences. Are you keeping a journal? I have found it very useful because with the whirlwind of activities, one does forget some really interesting information. Take care………

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