Van Gogh and Puccini Bomboni


Jerry and I  went to the Van  Gogh early this morning…got there early enough to get a picture of the I AMsterdam sculpture before the crowds arrived.  Then Van Gogh..magnificent.  What surprised me was how deliberate he was as an artist.  He was constantly learning, constantly anazlyzing

Tree sculpture...this is for you Elin.

Tree sculpture…this is for you Elin.

his work, experimenting with color and design and taking clsses in drawing.  I assumed he just kind of slapped paint on a canvas (just?) until he came up with something he liked.  Not so.  Love the museum.  Loved the  audio tour that went with it.  Could have bought out the gift shop but

I controlled myself.

Jerry at the Amsterdam sign

Jerry at the Amsterdam sign

After the Van Gogh I wanted to go find Puccini Bomboni the chocolate shop Kate’s sister had recommended.  Jerry had no desire to go searching for a shop somewhere downtown with a crazy woman who always gets lost. …especially since

EVERYONE rides bikes

EVERYONE rides bikes

we HAD to be back at the hotel by 2:45 to get the bus to the ship.  So the smart one (that would not be yours truly) stayed in the museum area where there was  marvlous open air market and the crazy one headed out to get that chocolate.

And I did get on the right tram(Number 2) going the WRONG way…got off, got one the right tram going the RIGHT way and then walked down the street the WRONG way, asked people for directions (thank God everyone here speaks English) and found the place.  AND found the RIGHT tram (#16) to get back to the hotel (after waiting patiently at a tram stop where #16 NEVER goes. )And I did get back to the hotel in time…in plenty of time, I might add.

We’re on the ship…gorgeous and had a terrific dinner with lots of interesting people.  And now I’m tired.  I want to stay up to see the lights of Amsterdam when we pull out at 11:00 but I don’t know if I can do it.  We need to get up at some ridiculous hour tomorrow morning if we want breakfast before the 8:30 tour of windmills.  And then they keep us going until 10:00 tomorrow night.  I’m going to get caught up on my sleep one of these days…not sure when.  I’m thinking there might be time for a nap tomorrow afternoon before dinner.

Love to all…and yes, if you DO get to Amsterdam go to Puccini Bamboni.  And the VAn Gogh. And the  Anne Frank House.  And the Resistance Museum.  And the Rijksmuseum.  And take a canal cruise.


13 thoughts on “Van Gogh and Puccini Bomboni

  1. Great pictures! So glad you found your chocolate shop…now that should give you lots of energy! Sounds like a marvelous place. No need for sleep…you can do that when you get home! Lol. Continue seeing it all and have a wonderful time!

  2. Wow, you are really brave, Mary!(but I knew that already). Don’t think I’d have the nerve to take off by myself in a strange city…kudos to you! Are you hogging the chocolate because Jerry wouldn’t go? Ha! Sure sounds like you are taking wonderful advantage of this fantastic trip! Enjoy!

  3. Wow, Mary. What a trip!! I have seen that sculpture in pictures, must be amazing in person. Have a ball. Thank you for including me in your letters. You are amazing.
    Love, el

  4. Save your sleep for the plane back. Enjoy !!!

    Sent from my iPad Joy Kennedy


  5. They are amazing places to see. Enjoy your trip and absorb everything you can!

  6. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Keep the posts coming. Love to read them. Have fun and don’t get lost! XOXOOX, MAri H

  7. Deirdre Christman

    You are so adventurous, Mary! I would walk around a foreign city by myself, but I don’t think I’d ever take public transportation alone. Glad you’re making the most of every minute! Can’t wait to see more pix. Are you using your iPhone or a camera? I found my iPhone took great pix on our last trip, though I did use my camera a lot too. Still processing those.

  8. Thanks for doing the leg work. The pictures and commentary are great. I feel like I’m there!

  9. Lovin your commentary..feel like I’m traveling too. Oh yes, I did just get back from n.c.

    Sent from my iPad


  10. There’s a Van Gogh exhibit at the Clarke, ending soon. A few of us went and really enjoyed it. Such vibrancy. Just thrilling to be up close. Its focus was on Van Gogh and his relationship to nature, which was a constant inspiration. Loved it.

  11. Sounds amazing! Enjoy every minute!

  12. At first I thought you were in Williamstown at the Clark Art where Van Gogh Exhibit is on display!
    Wishful thinking. So glad you are actually in Amsterdam, the city of Hans and Silver Skates!

  13. Barbara Greenberg

    So thrilled that you are visiting that terrific city…you made me think of my visits there and how comfortable I felt since I could use my own language..people in Amsterdam are very friendly. I am sorry to say I never got to visit the chocolate shop!! Guess I will have to make another trip! Happy Travels Hugs to you and Jerry!

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