view from canal

view from canal

Jerry and I left Venice On Thursday morning around 10 and arrived in Amsterdam about 8:30 the next morning.  Neither one of us slept really well on the plane…big surprise to me who took Jerri DeKriet’s advice and had a big glass of wine with supper and then popped a few Tylenol sleep pills.  I was pretty mellow but probably dozed off for an hour or so and then we were over Ireland and they were serving breakfast

Still, everyone says ” DON’T GO TO BED” when you get there so we hit the ground running (walking) to the Rijksmuseum to see some pretty amazing paintings by Rembrant and Vermeer.  Then, we took one look at the line for the Van Gogh Museum (LONG even with tickets) We decided to do a canal cruise instead.  We were SO tired and running on minimal sleep.

By the time we were back at the museum (line STILL long) we had had enough for the day and decided to head back to the hotel.  Easy….just retrace our steps from the morning.  We should have left breadcrumbs.   We should have written it down. We should have asked someone.  But instead we walked and walked and walked and FINALLY stopped to asked directions.  Even then (and we had THREE maps) we got lost AGAIN and what should have taken us about twenty minutes took nearly an hour.  Honestly, I was ready to cry at one point (me, who made it through radiation, chemo and major surgery with a minimum of tears was totally done in by a trek around Amsterdam and no clue how to get to the hotel.)

In Resistance Museum...women with baby carriages could go anywhere

In Resistance Museum…women with baby carriages could go anywhere

Today we headed for the Anne Frank House.  We’re no fools.  We had a 9:30 ticket and didn’t want to take a chance that we’d get lost again and miss our time (lines were long, we heard) So we took a taxi.  And the line WAS long.  By the time we left there around 11:30, there were about 500 people in line…and I think the wait was about three hours.

The museum broke my heart.  One child…one group of people in hiding told one story of the Holocaust.  Multiply that by 6, 000,000…so huge, so helpless to conceive.

We left there and went to the Resistance Museum across town.  I learned a lot.  And wondered…not for the first time.  Would I have helped or pretended I had no clue how bad it really was?

Took the tram back to the hotel from there.  That was another adventure.  And now just as we are getting the hang of this city, we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorow…Van Gogh Museum as soon as it opens and then I am HOPING to get a bit of shopping done.  Brenda Perroni (Kate’ s sister) insists that the BEST thing about Amsterdam is a chocolate store call Pucinni Bamboni and if I can find it I’m determined to get there.  Thought we’d get there today but couldn’t find it.  (so what else is new?)

So here’s what I know.  I need to come back here.  A few days is no where near enough time to see and “do” Amsterdam.  (and no, I didn’t try the offerings in one of their famous coffee shops.  Not enough time or nerve, I guess)

Love to all…Keep those prayers coming for Kate.  She’s probably moving to rehab on Monday…has had her second chemo treatment and no horrific side effects.

More photos later.  They just won’t go where I want them to.  Serves me right.  I didn’t bring my laptop…doing this on the ipad (How on earth did Linda Morassi do a blog on her iphone while walking the Camino???)

Love the canals

Love the canals


14 thoughts on “Amsterdam!

  1. I am very interested in taking a river cruise, and can’t wait to see more pictures and learn more about your adventures! You can be my trip advisor when I decide to go.

    Have a wonderful time!

  2. Marvelous recap, Mary. Made me feel like I was walking that long trek with you, trying to find the way back home. Neat canal pic, too!

  3. Deirdre Christman

    I have no doubt whatsoever that you would have been one of the ones who risked their lives to help the victims of the Holocaust.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I can’t imagine writing a blog while traveling, so don’t feel you have to continue. You could just post some photos on Facebook and then write when you get home. It’s YOUR vacation.

    • I’m writing it so I can remember it all when I get home. Otherwise it will all be a total

      • Deirdre Christman

        That’s lucky for us then! And just a suggestion about shopping: don’t get stuck looking for gifts for everyone. Buy only what you really want and take pix, so your time isn’t wasted. On our last few trips, we bought nothing but books from museums, chocolate, some scarves and magnets. Our photos were our souvenirs. Nothing for the kids or grandkids, and they didn’t mind in the least. I can be generous when I’m home…

  4. You have seen all the good stuff! Our tickets to the Van Gogh museum had a time stamp on it so we were able to get in right away. We had to wait forever for the Rijksmuseum (or however you spell it) because it was raining, but I agree- so very very worth it.

    Are you flying back out of Amsterdam? If so , buy the tulips in the airport as they have the agricultural stamp on them so you can bring the flowers easily into the US.

    Enjoy the cruise – you will be charmed more and more everyday. I can’t wait to relive it with you!

    PS – We kept getting lost too – but it was a fun lost – every turn is more lovely than the next! We got lost in the pouring rain – I have never been so wet in my life! hee hee!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I feel like I’m on vacation too!

  6. Sounds like you’re having a great time…better get a compass to go along with the map! Hope you get to the chocolate shop. Continue seeing the sights and enjoy yourselves! Missed you this morning!

  7. Well we will be in Amsterdam i2 weeks from today. Good info to have. Thx

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  8. So glad you are sharing as you go. You just made the resistance movement in NIGHTINGALE come to life for me. Margi

  9. Follow this and say to yourself Next Year We Can Do This Too!

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  10. Safe & wonderful travels. Jetlag is disorienting but no doubt, you will catch your stride. Enjoy!

  11. Love hearing about your trip! You must be on the boat now. Pictures are wonderful! Miss you!

  12. Thank you for taking us all along on your adventures!

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