Paper Cranes

IMG_1775Thank God for You Tube!  There was a message earlier this week from Kate’s niece, Melissa, asking that all her friends send paper cranes to decorate Kate’s hospital room.  Melissa had done the same for Frani, Kate’s younger sister when she had cancer ten years ago. (Frani is fighting a new battle with cancer…another terrible story)

Anyway, my first thought was “Oh no, there is no way.  I tried to make a crane years ago…forget it”.  But the tradition is that if you can make 1000 paper cranes (some of you will remember the kids’ book about that) you will be granted health and wholeness.

“Okay, Kate, ” I muttered.  “Only for you.  I’ll give this a shot.”  So I ordered the origami papers from Amazon Prime (saved a trip to a craft store) and that meant I had two days before I had to try this.  And then, when the papers arrived, I went on You Tube and wonder of wonders, I actually made a crane.  Put the video back to the beginning and made another one.  And after six cranes, I could even do them WITHOUT the video.

What a sense of accomplishment!  So far, I have 25. Okay, they’re not the most beautiful paper cranes but they do resemble the real thing.  I’ll send out all the ones I have on Wednesday because Jerry and I are heading to Amsterdam and a Viking River Cruise on Thursday.

I’m not sure how Kate’s doing today.  I haven’t heard anything since Friday when she was bracing herself for her first round of chemo (Don’t think of it as poison, I said.  Think of it as sun so hot it can melt anything, even a tumor that refuses to quit) .  Keep her in your prayers. And if you want to send her some cranes, let me know and I’ll send you her address.  If you’re in Venice, you can drop them off at my house in early September and I’ll send them out.  If you really want to do it and can’t make a crane, go to  You Tube and search “origami crane ez origami”.

A few more pictures from our time in California…Lana and I dancing at the wedding and Lana and Declan at Seaport Village in San Diego.  (very brave children)

Dancing with Lana

Dancing with Lana


Lana and the birds

Declan and the birds

Declan and the birds


11 thoughts on “Paper Cranes

  1. Channeling Molly. I remember her thousand paper cranes. Sending positive thoughts to Kate

  2. Way to go Mary…there really isn’t much you can’t do! I am remembering Kate in my prayers and will continue to do so. Have yourselves a marvelous vacation…will miss you at turtles!

  3. You look like a model in the pic! Just beautiful! Can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  4. Love the picture of you and your granddaughter dancing! Declan has a quizzical look on his face!

  5. We are visiting Sasha in Seattle. There is a peace park with a sculpture of Sadako and a 1000 paper cranes, we drove by today. We hope you have a wonderful trip and will continue to think of your Kate.

  6. Mary, what a beautiful way to express true friendship! Your cranes are lovely. I have been thinking of Kate and hoping her road is not too difficult. Also, love the photos of the kids with the birds…I laughed out loud at Declan!

  7. Love your sun metaphor, which should help see Kate through this miserable time. You are such a wonderful friend. Love all the pix! You look fabulous in that dress!

  8. Love the paper cranes! Safe travels. River Cruise sounds fabulous.

  9. Have a wonderful trip!! Also you look so happy and beautiful dancing away at the wedding. The dress is stunning, and so are you!!

  10. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-The dress was perfect. You look beautiful.

    I hope Kate is doing OK. Is she in MA?

    The photos of the littles with the birds are priceless!

    Enjoy your trip!!


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