If You Buy It…

First, the important stuff.  KATE has had a rough journey so far.  She had surgery last Monday where they got most but not all of her brain tumor.  She had to go back into surgery on Tuesday because of increased fluid and swelling in the brain.  Since then, she’s been slowly “coming to”…They are constantly checking her…Can you tell me your full name?  Do you know where you are?  Yesterday when they asked her if she knew where she was, she said, “Unless you moved me while I was sleeping, I’m still at stupid St. Luke’s.”  She cracks me up.  She’s beginning a physical therapy regimen.  The tumor affected her left side and she has a lot of work to do.

And MARYANNE, wonder woman of southwest Florida, is doing well.  When she’s not running to Venice Oncology for chemo and shots because her white blood count is terrible, she’s flying to NYC to help her daughter pick out a wedding dress, going on a sunset cruise and to a dinner theater, planning to host Dining for Women and taking a trapeze lesson.  Yes, MaryAnne and her sister, Barbara, went flying on a trapeze at our local circus park.  And I know it’s true because I saw the videos.  That girl is incredible.  When I was going through chemo, I thought I was wonderful if I took a walk around the block.

You know the saying, “If you break it, you buy it.”  A couple weeks ago, I took a good look at our gas grill and decided it needed a major cleaning.  I did my best but concluded that what we really needed was a new grill.  Trust me, this one had seen better days.  So I ordered one from Amazon, totally forgetting IMG_1772that it would NOT arrive already assembled.  So it arrived and the big box sat in the garage for a week as we both ignored it (kind of like the elephant in the living room)  Jerry finally tackled it on one of our many rainy days and, with very little help from me, got it together and working.  Yay for Jerry.  But I said that the new rule in our house should be, “If you buy it, you put it together.”  (We may never buy ANYTHING again) There is no way I could have put this thing together.

Calli (age 7)called me on FaceTime today just to gab.  We got talking about weddings.

Can I invite anyone I want to my wedding? she wanted to know.

Probably, I said.  Of course there will be people you HAVE to invite…like Pop and me.

Of course, she said.  I hope you can come.

I will if I’m still alive, I said.

I didn’t want to say that, she  says.  But you probably will be, she said.  You do yoga and eat right.

Guess that’s all there is to living a long life…do yoga and eat right.  (don’t I wish)

It is STILL monsoon season in Southwest Florida.  We’ve been lucky at turtle patrol lately.  The heavens haven’t opened up until we’re on our way home.  But the storms are destroying the beach and the turtle nests. In our section, so much has been washed away.  And there is one section near the rocks where it’s extremely difficult to continue on.  Until today, we would turn around there, go back down the beach and stop on our way back up the road to do that section of the beach.

Today we decided it couldn’t be THAT hard to get past the rocks.  We’d just walk when the water receded so we didn’t step on any rocks.  Dumb move.  We were drenched and it was a bit dangerous and we NEVER would have allowed our kids (or grandkids) to do it. We won’t do THAT again. Who was the fool who thought it wouldn’t be a problem. (that would be Mary)

Love to all…keep my dear friends in your thoughts and prayers…Best news of the week…a good friend has just become a grandmother!  Sweet little Avery …born this morning!  Life is good in spite of everything.


4 thoughts on “If You Buy It…

  1. Having walked turtle patrol with you guys and felt the thrill of marking a new nest, I’m sad to hear many are washed out by the rain. Positive thoughts will continue to be sent your way for only good news in your world.

  2. Mary- love your new grille. Yeah Jerry. Food will taste twice as good. Is your friend Kate in Florida? And your friend on the trapeze -wow. I thought it might be fun to To try but never got serious about it . Yoga and good eating-got it! Here’s to life!!!!

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone


  3. Enjoy your posts, Mary.

  4. Hope Kate does better with each passing day. Thanks for always connecting!

    Just finished Russian Winter, which Martha recommended and I enjoyed, and have started The Stonecutter. I’m pretty sure you’d been reading Camilla Lackberg, so when someone n the trip recommended this book I downloaded it.

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