Early Morning Musings

Okay, so some people adjust to time change a lot faster than others.  I’ve been ready to bounce out of bed and get going about 4:00 AM (7:00 EDT) but everyone else is still asleep.  I lay there and listen to my book on my iPod enjoying NOT having to get up and run but by 5:00 I’m wondering when the troops are going to get moving.  Strange woman.

Today, though, I slept till 5:30..making progress here. I’m going to head out and walk the beach as soon as I finish this first cup of coffee.  Obviously, no one else is up to join me but I expect people will begin moving soon.  And Jerry and I need to make a grocery run.  Our suite is the gathering place and needs to be well stocked with beer, wine, soda, water, coffee, snacks, fruit…I can’t remember what else.  I did make a list.  I was hoping Jerry would do the shopping while I was enjoying a “spa day” with the girls but he and the guys had more fun building Legos and playing by the pool with Declan.

I’m spending a lot of time trying not to cry.  I am so grateful to be AROUND for this wedding (and greedy me looks at the younger ones in the family thinking “I want to be around for their weddings too!)  Sean looks so damned happy every time I see him.  He just can’t stop smiling.  I said to him yesterday …”You won’t be a free man much longer” and he grinned and said, “Yeah, aren’t I lucky?”

Nothing is perfect (what a thought?)   Jerry’s sister, Ann, was rushed to the hospital a few days ago and we honestly thought we’d be heading to a funeral immediately after the wedding.   His sister, Jane, and his niece, Sara, cancelled plans to come to the wedding and have been going back and forth to the hospital where Ann seems to have rallied yesterday.  She’s so compromised at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if we DID end up making a trip to Massachusetts soon but she may pull through all this.  Keep her (and her kids and siblings) in your prayers will you.

No photos this time.  I haven’t taken a lot.  Having too much fun.  Legoland was fabulous.  My least favorite thing was the flume…I got soaked and had to walk around in wet jeans and sloshy sneakers for the rest of the day…My own fault.  They SAID you’d get wet.  I just forgot HOW wet you’d get.  The roller coasters were tame.  I hated them when I was younger but when my nephew, Jason, came to visit several years ago I told him I’d go on any ride he wanted to try and discovered I loved them.  So I was the designated rider on anything that needed an adult (to accompany Declan, mostly)

Enough for now…love to all.  And photos coming as soon as Erin uploads hers and shares them.





6 thoughts on “Early Morning Musings

  1. Having my coffee too.- Best part of retirement!! No need to run around and pack heavy bags at the same time trying not to forget anything that might be needed for the day’s lessons. I have a full day. I have 4 today. Keira’s been here from Philadelphia for the
    week. I just set them up with the “Sands are Alive” play sets outside. I should have a few minutes before they’re looking for their playmate. Sounds like you’re having a great time. So happy for all of you. Carry on!!

  2. Your musings and adventures have uplifted my whole being this week. You so so deserve this exhilarating and joyous time. Thoughts are with Ann……..

  3. New exciting news from you to come I’m sure. Thanks for keeping us all informed. Love it!

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  4. I bet you’ll be up early tomorrow! Have a wonderful day…remember, you’re gaining a daughter!
    I’ll be thinking about you!

  5. Keep being happy, Mary. It makes me smile.

  6. Enjoy this time, Mary!

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