The Prince

imageJust have to share my favorite wedding story (so far.)  It happened quite awhile ago…maybe four years???  We were all at Erin’s—probably for Christmas– and the girls were totally immersed in the Disney Princess world.  One of the girls (I wish I could remember which one) said to Carly, “Miss Carly, when are you going to marry YOUR prince?”

We all stopped and waited because we were all dying to know when the two of them would finally get engaged and set a date but were afraid to ask.

“I’m not sure, ” Carly said, “I guess I don’t know yet.”

“Well,” said Lana or Calli philosophically, “if your prince doesn’t come along you could always marry Uncle Sean.”

Jerry and I are very glad Carly’s prince didn’t show up (or did he?) so she could marry Uncle Sean.




9 thoughts on “The Prince

  1. Sharing this love story enriches us all!

  2. Remember The Art Linkletter Show and his segment “Kids say the darndest things”? So true!

  3. Love it, love it , love it!!! Hey, by the way, are the books on that bookshelf in alphabetical order by author? Never happen in my house!

  4. Love it!

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  5. Carol Connery

    Love this story, and Sean, indeed, is Carly’s Prince Charming!!

  6. From the mouths of……

  7. I believe he did !!!!

  8. Isn’t it funny how we try to figure out their thinking and then they totally surprise us!

  9. Karen Rafferty

    Love this story! How sweet! Enjoy the wedding – I know you will – can’t wait to hear all about it! xo

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