Alive Inside


Early morning on turtle patrol

My sister, Paula, watched a video called Alive Inside and let us know about it.  I watched it this morning (you can get it on Netflix or the library)  It’s about aging, particularly dementia and Alzheimers and the way music can bring people back to life, can help them “find themselves” again, can cause people who aren’t even talking or communicating to start talking and laughing and dancing.  I think my friend, Linda, saw the video. Either that or she read about the effect of music on the elderly, because she was getting a playlist together for her mom.  Paula is making a playlist for our mom.  She doesn’t have Alzheimers but she gets confused and is so lonely and sad.  I think it might make a big difference for her.  I’ve seen her at the gatherings when people come in for sing alongs.  She thoroughly enjoys them.

The music needs to be personalized..not just music from the time.  I was thinking…I should make up my own playlist because I doubt that my kids know what I love (other than the church music that gets me through radiation and stress)  Then when I’m really gone (as opposed to partly gone the way I am now) I’ll have the music ready.  I’m going to start collecting songs.

In one part of the video, there was a woman who rarely moved…just sat and stared at her hands…who ended up moving to the music and eventually dancing.  It reminded me of the time I forgot my iPod for radiation and ask them to play music from the fifties and early sixties on Pandora …and had to force myself to lie still during the treatment.  Last time I ever asked for that kind of music for radiation!

Anyway, the video is powerful…and I know it’s true.  I don’t listen to music a lot.  My iPod is loaded with books and podcasts, not music. But I’m beginning to think I should change that and at least have a heavy dose of music to balance out all that talk.  I LOVED this video…thanks, Paula.




2 thoughts on “Alive Inside

  1. I’m with you, Mary. I have this DVD on my Netflix queue. Haven’t seen it yet but thinking of doing the same for myself. Books while I can still read and my music when I can’t. Hope you are doing well. So jealous you get to help the turtles. Kudos!!

  2. I’ll check it out on your recommendation !

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