They Do Grow Up

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So we had this cute little kid who drove us crazy.  We CALLED him “Crazy Sean” when he was little.  He needed stitches twice before he was three years old.  He broke a window with the toy hammer from the little “pound the pegs” set.  He baseball sean 001thought (at age 4) that the Miami Dolphins were going to draft him any day.  He made me tell him stories about Voltron Defender of the Universe on the way to daycare (I knew nothing about Voltron but I did my best and he corrected me if I got it wrong).  He spent a LOT of time in the time out chair at day care and he NEVER slept through the night.  (Can’t wait to see what HIS kids are like)

And then he got older.  He tormented his sister.  He played baseball.  When he was five, he single-handedly got three guys out on the opposing team (caught the fly ball, tagged second and then tagged first…at least I think that’s what happened.)  His baby teeth fell out and his new ones came in more crooked than any I have ever seen. (We probably financed his orthodontist’s new car!)  He played Tom Sawyer in the fourth grade show.  Or was it Huck Finn?  It was  LONG time ago.

High school was more baseball and a little bit of studying.  He was one of those kids with the high IQ and the very average grades.  Drove us nuts.  College was the school 001same…We wondered if that child would EVER grow up.

Until Carly came along…and he turned into a grownup complete a career and a closet where everything doesn’t fall out at you when you open it. (and you don’t kill your feet on Legos when you walk in the bedroom anymore either)

Sean was always amazing and wonderful and we were crazy about him.  Now he’s an adult and we are so proud of him and what he’s become.  He was there for us when 001times were tough last year, steady and supportive and calm.  He learned how to work the feeding tube for me along with Jerry and was the best one for encouraging me to walk when all I wanted to do was lie around and watch Netflix.  I love talking about books with him and about life in general.  He really is one very smart guy.  He’s fun to be with and a great host when we decide to visit and explore Los Angeles.  And in about two weeks he’ll be a married man with a beautiful wife that we love dearly.  Lucky us…

Other thoughts:  Charlie Moran, my professor from U Mass, left us last week.  Charlie taught me a lot about writing and about teaching and in the last few months has taught me how to die.  He was a shining light and there are so many, many people who will miss him.

Mary Anne seems to be doing well.  Her latest CT scan showed some shrinkage of the tumor which is always good news.  It means the chemo continues to be effective.  Keep her in your prayers.  For some reason, her white blood count is never what it should be and she constantly need some kind of shot to bring it up so she can have chemo.  And, of course, there are side effects…mostly, it seems, irregular sleep patterns which cuts in on her social calendar! (and my opportunities to get together with her)

Jerry and I went out to dinner with friends last night.  One of our friends was here from California.  Judy and her husband used to spend their summers (yes, summers not winters) here.  Then a couple years ago Judy’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and died a week after the diagnosis.  It was such a shock.  Judy hasn’t been back here since so it was wonderful to see her last night.  She looked well and content…still missing her husband but living a full and active life.

My turtle patrol team (there are four of us) are having a “sleepover” on Tuesday…starting at 3:00AM we’ll be walking the beach and hopefully see some mamas coming up to lay their eggs.  Margi’s brother lives on the beach and we’ll hang out at his place when we get tired or need a snack or want to relax.  Then we’ll have breakfast around 6:00 and start our regular turtle patrol walking after that.  Should be fun.

Nothing else to report.  It’s about 90 degrees…hazy, hot and humid…heavy, heavy air with a thunderstorm almost every afternoon.  It we’re really lucky, there’s a breeze on the beach at 8:00 for yoga.  Weather people really should take the summer off, make a video and just push play every day.  Either it rains or it doesn’t.  And if they say it will rain, it might not.  And it they say it WON’T rain, chances are it’s pouring while they’re saying it.  Crazy place I live in..but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo


9 thoughts on “They Do Grow Up

  1. Loved reading about Sean, Mary. My, don’t we love our “little boys?” So glad you are doing the turtle patrol.

  2. Lucky you (to have Sean and Carly), lucky Sean (to have you, Gerry, and Carly)! This is a good time for you – enjoy it with all your might!

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of Sean…what a handsome guy!

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  4. Love your stories about Sean! Hope I get to meet him!

  5. Beautiful engagement picture! Enjoyed the flashback. Isn’t it great when they find their way to happiness? Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!


    Thanks! Loved reading this. Congratulations to all of you. Can’t wait to see pictures!! I am guessing the little kids will be in the wedding?

  7. Deirdre Christman

    Great stories about Sean! At first I thought the photo of him at 4 was Declan. So cute! Carly will love reading this entry, and she will love having you for a mother-in-law for sure! Can’t wait for the blog from the wedding.

  8. Wendie Highsmith

    What a cute kid. His youngest photo looks like Daclon’s pictures. Those big brown eyes. He’s a knock out.

    I know you and Jerry are happy to have Carly becoming an official member of your family.

    Hot here, too. Plenty of rain in May and June-unusual, they say. Is making our garden grow.

    Love, Wendie

  9. You should both be very proud…you done good in raising Sean into a kind, handsome guy! Kudos to both of you….guess he was quite a challenge huh? You’ll be the most beautiful Mother of the Groom!

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