Manasota Key

Manasota Key

My sister, Kim, posted a link to an op ed piece in the Boston Globe a couple days ago and it was simply wonderful.  Here’s the link.


Between the article and the many photos on Facebook of graduations…friends’ children graduating from high school and college, grandchildren graduating and fifth grade graduations and even little guys graduating from preschool.  I know, I know…there are so many who say it’s silly to celebrate preschool graduations but my feeling is, celebrate everything…even graduation from preschool.

Celebrate everything…end of a school year (even one that’s not a “graduation” year), milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, survivor anniversaries, days when your white blood count is just fine, a new baby, first steps, first words, weddings, engagements, retirements, new homes, and days when you do NOT forget where your keys are, days when the house is clean, days when your hair looks good,  days when you find your favorite pool float is on sale (I buy them in bulk when that happens), days when your husband has a really good round of golf, days when your brownies aren’t burnt or a gooey mess, days when your grandson calls you on FaceTime and draws you hearts (he just learned how to do that) while he talks to you, days when you meet friends for breakfast and laugh and laugh over school stories from long ago.  There is so much to celebrate.  I imagine we could think of something for every day of the year if we wanted.  We all need to celebrate whenever we can.  All I know if I am LOVING seeing all those smiling faces on Facebook these days.

So here’s the graduates…all of them…who have worked hard and are moving on…

Texas grands and friends...last day of school

Texas grands and friends…last day of school

Jason, the graduate, and Jenna who will be the only kid home next year

Jason, who is heading to UNH,and Jenna who will be the only kid home next year

Ellyse who is heading to Duke and Grace who is on to first grade

Ellyse, who is heading to Duke, and Grace who is on to first grade


9 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. I agree – celebrate everyone and everything! Love your photo of Manasota Key, Mary. Barb

    • Mary, you really know how to make me cry – both the beautiful article (what stories!) and your own writing, which is magnificent, as always. As you know, my Jazmyne graduated from GCC yesterday. It was an emotional, beautiful, heartwarming, and exhausting day. I couldn’t help but think about the harder times and therefore – as you suggest – celebrate the good times. Thanks for all of this.

    • Yes! We just celebrated the girls’ “graduations from preschool.”

      I could pick your grandkids out of a lineup. Adorable!

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Wonderful photos! Celebrate them ALL!!

    Hugs, Wendie

  3. You’re so right about celebrations! I wish we could have our 50th again!

  4. I just arrived home from my grandson’s graduation. For an autistic child, he made out, even being nominated as Outstanding Sr of the class of 325, several scholarships and lots of recognition. Amazing! I just read the most awesome book, called Love Anthony by Lisa Genova, the author of Still Alice. Have you read it?

  5. I’ve got to get in your mindset and learn to celebrate all of life’s givings. Love seeing the sucesses in your family pics. Duke and first grade……way cool siblings.

    The best celebration of all………your health and continued writings. Thanks for both.

  6. Many graduations and celebration for us this month, so this was very timely! I hope to not cry too much at my daughter’s 6th grade and son’s 8th grade ceremonies!!

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