School’s Out (but not for all)


Okay, the above is dedicated to a good friend’s mom who is just beginning her treatment for ovarian cancer.  But it could be dedicated to all of us.  There are times when we all need to say this to ourselves (like every day) to cope with little things and not so little things.  Life may be good but it also can be so damn hard sometimes.  So for all of you who are dealing with plumbing issues, pain from surgery and rehab, a difficult move to a new state, a house that won’t sell, a baby who won’t nurse, a leaky pool, a bad hair day, a terrible end to a long career, a crazy class that  needs summer vacation, a mom who is going slowly downhill,  a kid with lousy test scores, a headache that won’t quit…whatever it is…You are brave, you  are strong, you are fierce…you can do this.  (and so can I)

No, nothing is going wrong with me…I’m having it incredibly easy and Jerry’s totally recuperated from his leg surgeries but we certainly know lots of people who are dealing with “stuff” these days.

And no matter what I might be dealing with, all I have to do is open my eyes and I can see that there’s way bigger “stuff” out there.  My friend, Margi, just got back from El Salvador where gangs (well taught by gangs in LA before they were deported) have taken over the country, walk into houses and take what they want or take the whole house, tell the occupants they need to move out…and NO ONE stops them.  And when your kid gets to be sixteen, he either joins a gang or is dumped on your back steps, dead, in a trash bag.

And I just got around to watching the second part of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dun’s A Path Appears .  It was on a few months ago and I taped it on our DVR.  It hurt me to watch it, to realize that people are living with such insanity…young girls in Haiti sold into slavery because the family can’t afford to feed them, young women in West Virginia struggling to make a life for themselves and their kids on minimum wage…Sometimes I feel like the character in Sue Monk Kidd’s book The Secret Life of Bees who kept going off to the wailing wall.  I don’t want to know any more because I can’t fix it.


Love this one too…This is SO true and so hard to live by but SO true.  So I guess we just keep working on letting things go.  Because, yes, they are simply too heavy.


And finally, this one.  I do spend my days doing things that make me happy.  Even cleaning bathrooms makes me happy because I love having a clean bathroom.  So I’m not sure if there’s anything I do during the day that doesn’t make me happy…Retirement helps, I guess.  But school made me happy…except when it didn’t.  Then I figured it would at least make good copy…something I could write about.

Jerry and I are going out to lunch today at the Crow’s Nest (thanks Ryan and Anne) and then to the seamstress to see if she did a good job with the alterations on our wedding outfits.  My dress needed to be taken in and she was going to make Jerry’s pants look more in style.  He had a gorgeous suit that he hadn’t worn in ages (when do people wear suits these days?)  And we were invited to an opening at a local art gallery tonight (free champagne and food) that we may go to this evening if we feel like getting dressed after floating around in the pool.  We are usually really lazy in the evening.

We’re heading north at the end of next week. We’ll just be there a week and it’s going to be all family (with a quick visit to Center School to say goodbye to some wonderful teachers who are retiring this year)  In September, I’m coming back…yes, for family, but also to reconnect with friends.

Much love to everyone…and for all of you who are now (finally) on vacation including the three cutest Texans in the world…enjoy every minute of your break from school.  You worked hard and you earned it.









8 thoughts on “School’s Out (but not for all)

  1. This entry moved me to respond immediately, even with my hands in rubber gloves readied to paint our bathrooms, a task I enjoy, like cleaning your bathrooms, because my minds can float through thoughts and I love the fresh results.

    The immesity of sorrows in the world can overwhelm aware and compassionate people, like yourself. There is way too much stuff we cannot change, but we can within our own spheres of life, empowering others to stay strong, as you do in your blog just by acknowledging others and sharing your thoughts with your community of readers. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Carol Connery

    Hi Mary, When will you be visiting Center? Would love to see you!!

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing you, Mary!

  4. Karen Rafferty

    Thank you Mary~ all the quotes resonate ~ xo

  5. How lovely! Your sentiments are so empowering and full of life. Hope to see you at Center when you visit…

  6. Deirdre Christman

    Wish you had time to stop in Old Lyme!!! Miss you – but thank god for your blog and emails, not to mention the inspirational quotes.

  7. Mary, I love the quote about letting go! I need to learn to do this better 🙂 Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  8. I take your words to heart. Be safe and have fun.

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