Jerry's rose

Jerry’s rose

Jerry took this photo at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino.  I just loved it and so I’m sharing it with you.  Jerry, by the way, is doing just fine.  He saw the doctor today…can go in the pool, can play golf and yes, can mow the lawn.  He’ll have the other leg done on April 30.  He went to the Y yesterday to work out and was thrilled with the results on the treadmill…no more pain in the left leg.  When both are done, he’ll be able to walk for miles!

And I’m doing fine.  I notice that I don’t have the energy that I used to have….can’t go strong all day doing major cleaning, that’s for sure.  And walking the beach in soft sand does me in a lot faster than it used to.  Today I was on the beach with an old Holyoke friend, Pat Laudato….we walked to the jetty and then to the Crow’s Nest (a local restaurant for lunch)  and then back.  I had fully expected to come home and clean bathrooms. Instead I was slouched on the couch with my laptop making flight reservations and searching Amazon for birthday presents.  Bathrooms will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am so aware of how fortunate Jerry and I are.  I was at a funeral this weekend for the daughter of a book club friend…the daughter.  How do people ever survive the loss of a child?  How do they do it?  It doesn’t matter that this child was in her fifties.  She’s still someone’s little girl.  And I’ve been getting updates from Caring Bridge about Charlie Moran, an amazing man who taught English at UMass and was director of the Western Mass Writing Project.  Charlie empowers people…finds the giftedness in them, shows them what they can do…and Charlie is dying of cancer and has very little time left.  And Mary Anne is doing well but still has chemo every three weeks for the rest of her life.  I have friends who are in constant pain, friends whose children are lost to them at this time, friends whose spouses are slipping away, who are dealing with far more than I can imagine.  So yes, we are counting our blessings.

Funny story about the funeral….I was at a meeting Saturday morning, slipped out early with a friend so we could grab a bite to eat before the 1:00 funeral, shoveled our salads in and skidded into the church parking lot with ten minutes to spare..Whew…EXCEPT it was the wrong church.  Jumped back in the car (who would think Venice would have two Presbyterian churches?) and dashed to the right church just as the service was beginning.  I do need to read more carefully.  It DID say Trinity Presbyterian, not Venice Presbyterian.  I’m just glad I got there.

State testing has been in the news a lot lately…my own sweet granddaughter is taking the third grade test in Texas tomorrow.  She tends to get anxious over tests…panics when something doesn’t make sense right away.  Erin has told her she doesn’t have to take the test if she doesn’t want to.  She thinks she wants to but at least she knows her mom and dad don’t care.  It is amazing to see how many kids across the country are “opting out”.  I’m wondering if there really will be a change and the country will rethink their love affair with data and testing and realize what it’s doing to education.  Aside from everything else, I KNOW that kids (and teachers) really think the school year is DONE once testing is over (even if there are weeks and weeks to go)  So when you calculate how much time is spent getting ready for the test, taking practice tests, taking the real test and marking time after the test until the last day of school…how much real teaching and learning time actually is left in schools???10561574_795023307203042_159657496363615444_n

Books…I read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park ages ago and loved it (thanks, Eileen).  Last week I read Fangirl...another good one if you like YA books.  Niall Williams’ Only Say the Word is beautifully written and incredibly sad but I loved it (thanks, Martha)  and I didn’t like H is For Hawk (no it is not a Sue Grafton book) although I know it’s getting rave reviews. And it is well written…I tried to like it.  I just didn’t. I think it was the description of the hawk killing the rabbit that clinched it for me.

Enough for now.  I do go on and on, don’t I?


11 thoughts on “Hmmmm

  1. Just read Love in the Time of Cholera and didn’t care for it. Have you read it? Did you like it? Maybe I just didn’t because I don’t really like romances? So to cleanse my bibliopalate I reread Life of Pi (actually when I say read I mean audiobooks because I “read” in the car). Still loved it and would read it again 🙂



  2. I just love your blogs. I agree, anyone that is blessed with good health (even tho there may be some big glitches on the way) are so fortunate! I love Jerry’s rose…it’s beautiful! Do glad to hear that he is recovered and back to his normal activities. Will you be at the beach Sat? Looking forward to seeing you! Pam

  3. 🙂  Mary, you are just awesome, such insight!   Thank you for the inspirations! 

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  4. Loved the photo…good picture. Love the entire message .

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  5. Hey, Mary –
    Save the Date: Wednesday, June 17th. Retirement Quartet (Debbie, Elaine, Lynne and Joanne!). Twin Hills, Brian Nix, DJ extraordinaire…more details to follow!

    P.S. Love Jerry’s rose! Keep well, both of you.

  6. Jerry’s rose gave me a lift . . . so did your message, as always. Take care of you both!

  7. Deirdre Christman

    You can go on as long as you want as far as I’m concerned. I love reading your blog! So glad Jerry’s cleared for golf and other activities. His rose is lovely, so maybe he should add camera club to his schedule.

  8. Due to your recommendation I just finshed reading Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. Loved it so much that I’m now reading The Other Side of the Bridge by the same author.
    I’m so glad you were able to get together with Pat while she was there. She was hoping that she would get to see you while in Florida.
    Glad to hear all is well with Jerry and you. Prayers answered!

  9. Moriarty Geraldine

    Love your blog…. love the rose….

    glad Jerry is better….. forget the bathrooms…..nap!!

    I leave on Fri for cruise – back mid-May…. g


  10. And we all love that you go on and on! I think the hawk kill in the book would do me in too. I know that they have to eat too, but…….Saw a Cooper hawk just yesterday killing a junco and hoped the junco hadn’t nested yet, And I’m too used to seeing a Sharp Shinned Hawk swoop down near my bird feeders.
    P.S.The only one who pined over the not done bathroom was you.

  11. Pixie Holbrook

    I can smell that rose from here!

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